Ashley Lyn Photography: Blog en-us (C) Ashley Lyn Photography [email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sat, 11 Dec 2021 01:34:00 GMT Sat, 11 Dec 2021 01:34:00 GMT Ashley Lyn Photography: Blog 120 80 Shell-ebrating THREE! Shell-ebrating under the sea because my daughter Adra turned three!  She asked for a mermaid party, so you know I had to DIY a cute set up!  This was my first time making a balloon mermaid tail and balloon filled number.  It's a cute, simple set up, that isn't as time consuming as making an entire balloon arch.  The balloon filled number is also a great way to elevate your party set up, and the method I used could be applied for making any number(s).  I hope that you enjoy the photos of Adra showing off her mermaid theme party decor!  I included a video link of how I set it all up below :)

You can watch how I created this party set up here.

Thanks for following along!




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DIY Balloon Backdrop My sweet Ava turned 9! I’m so proud of the little lady she’s become! I had so much fun planning and creating this fun balloon party set up!  Ava chose the color scheme and approved of my creation :) I also made this custom backdrop using the 5 for $5 table covers at Party City! Check out my tutorial on how I made this set up here

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Easy Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas Easy Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas

        On days where you don't have extra time to make everything homemade, taking short cuts are helpful so that you can still enjoy a delicious, home cooked meal the whole family loves!  For these enchiladas, I slow cook the chicken during the day in my crockpot, then in the evening I shred it and add fresh cilantro before using it as part of my enchilada filling.  It turns out so tender and tasty!  For this recipe I use pre-made salsa verde and tortillas for a time saver, and it still has that delicious, homemade taste!

Slow Cooked Cilantro-Lime Chicken Enchilada Filling

       This shredded cilantro-lime chicken is amazing in these salsa verde enchiladas, but it would also be yummy in burritos or over nachos. Before adding onion to the slow cooker, lightly oil coat a heated pan and add in diced onion.  Season them with a pinch of salt and pepper, then sauté until the onions are tender.  In a lightly oiled crockpot, add the chicken breasts, sautéed onions, chicken broth, dry seasoning mixture, the juice of 1 1/2 limes, minced garlic and diced tomato.  Add a small drizzle of olive oil over the top of the chicken.  Slow cook on low for best results.  Once chicken is fully cooked, shred it, strain it, then add it to a large bowl.  Squeeze the juice from the remaining lime half over the chicken, and mix in freshly chopped cilantro.  For an easy shredding trick, use forks to separate chicken into medium size pieces, then use a mixer on low to get the chicken shredded into small pieces.  Make sure to cover the top holding the lid as best as you can while doing it, so that you don't have chicken flying out of your crockpot ;)

Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas 

       Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly coat baking dish with oil.  On a flat surface, fill each tortilla individually, spooning chicken in a line down the middle of the tortilla, then top with shredded cheese.  Roll up the tortilla and place it facing seam side down in your baking dish.  Repeat until your baking dish is full with rolled tortillas.  I used large tortillas here, and cut them into portions with a spatula, but you can use smaller tortillas for individual portions. Next, spoon the salsa verde to fully coat the tops of your enchiladas.  Make sure you also drizzle it in between and around the sides of the tortillas.  After that, top them off with shredded cheese.  Place foil over your baking dish and bake enchiladas for 15 minutes.  Remove foil and bake uncovered for another 10-15 minutes or until cheese is golden.  Add your desired toppings and enjoy!  


*2 large chicken breasts

*2 whole limes - juice drizzle

*Extra virgin olive oil

*4 whole cloves of garlic - minced

*1-2 cups fresh cilantro - chopped

*1/2 large yellow onion - diced

*1/3 cup chicken broth

*1 small tomato or 1/2 large tomato - diced

*Flour tortillas

*Shredded Mexican cheese blend

*Salsa Verde (I used the Herdez brand, 16 oz.)

*Avocado (optional for topping)

-If you like your enchiladas a little more spicy, slow cook a diced jalapeño with the chicken

Dry Seasoning Mix:

Salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, and paprika.  Mix seasonings together before spreading it over raw chicken in the crockpot.  I season to taste, but it's approximately 1 tsp salt, and 1/2 teaspoon of all the other dry seasonings.


I hope that you enjoy this recipe!  Xo

-Ashley (@ashleylynlivin)



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Five, Fancy and Fabulous! HI FIVE!  Here's to Miss Aura being five, fancy and fabulous!  We had so much fun celebrating her big day and letting her call the shots.  She chose rainbow swirl waffles for breakfast, sushi for lunch, and dinner was hotdogs and mac n' cheese.  Who would have thought after hotdogs she'd want chocolate mousse and unicorn cake pops for dessert!  Haha.  My girls did a piñata, and we played games.  It was such a fun family day celebrating our little Aura!  She couldn't decide what birthday theme she wanted, so she asked me to surprise her with a theme.  I set her party decor up after she went to bed the night before her birthday.  She woke up surprised and LOVED it!!  I have so much fun planning party decor and setting it up.  I hope you enjoy the photos below from her special day!  Thank you for following along!  Xo




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Adra's Two Wild! Adra's Two Wild

Adra is officially TWO!  Since my sweet girl loves animals so much (monkey's are her fave), I put together a cute "Two Wild" jungle theme party.  Adra requested pizza, bananas and cupcakes.  That's exactly what we had and she was in heaven ;) Haha!  Adra was so excited to see everything set up and had so much fun!  The stuffed animals in the birthday set up, are also some of Adra's favorite toys.  Below you can enjoy some of our jungle fun, as well as some behind the scenes of how I put together the balloon arch.  I hope you enjoy!


You can check out how I made the balloon arch design here, and a clip from Adra's birthday here!  Thank you for following along!  Xo




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Taco Board Fiesta Taco Board Fiesta!

Taco nights have become a weekly family tradition, because it seems to be one of the only meals my three little girls all like as much as my husband and I.  Plus, my girls love being able to "build their own" tacos, so it's fun making a big spread where everyone can add their favorite ingredients!  When I saw this Large Grazing Pallette from Fab Slabs, I knew it would be perfect for family style meals or appetizers. There's so many ways to use it that the possibilities are pretty much endless!  Each one is handmade in Australia and naturally/permanently anti-bacterial, due to the natural oils in the timber wood, and tightness of the grains. The tropical hardwood also repels moisture, warping, and microbes. I have too much fun styling it for family meals or appetizers (so I opted for the Large Grazing Pallette).  [Coupon code below]  To make this meal even more fun, I added a themed table runner and green napkins.  Plus, a margarita with a Tajin rim as a bonus for my hubby and I ;) 
I hope you enjoyed this fun family meal idea!  

Snag your own Fab Slab for 20% off with code: FABSLABSDEAL

Find your favorite one here!  You can also see more ideas @fabslabsusa.





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Patio Transformation! Patio Transformation + DIY Wall Art


I have been wanting to give our patio a refresh since we moved, especially considering we spend a lot of time outside (one of the perks of San Diego weather). With spending more time at home now than ever, having a cozy outdoor living space in our backyard to hang out and watch our girls play is exactly what I needed.  Since we live close to the beach, Ava and Aura helped me decide on a fun, coastal style.  When planning the decor, I came up with a style and color palette, then I chose a statement piece, and brought it all together with furniture and details.

The first thing I did for planning our outdoor space was select a rug.  I wanted a large area rug, and while browsing I found the perfect one!  I selected the 9x12 Outdoor Lattice Rug.   I wanted to incorporate teal/seafoam colors, and this rug had that exact pop I was looking for, with a design I love!  Not only is it absolutely stunning, but it is stain resistant, easy-to-clean and it does not shed!  Very family friendly! For the outdoor furniture, I chose a cute wicker set from Costway (you can find it here).  Multiple cushion color choices are available (which is amazing) and I went with the turquoise since it perfectly matches my theme.  It's weather resistant, stylish, comfortable and has a sturdy steel frame!  Another plus, the cushion covers can be removed for washing.  All of these are a must when you have kids ;).  The table has a beautiful tempered glass top that adds a classy touch to the set.  It's perfect for enjoying morning coffee or snacks and drinks while relaxing out on the patio!  

Once I chose my Costway patio set and made my selection, I started to envision the rest of my decor.  Our open patio room has a large wood paneled wall on one side, and I wanted to give it a bright, fresh and airy look.  I decided to paint that wall solid white, and it gave it an instant upgrade.  The previous paint on the wall was a not-so-attractive tan color, so it definitely needed a refresh!  Click here to see a photo of the patio space before my transformation.  With having a large wall, I wanted to do something that made a statement.  I also didn't want to spend several hundred dollars on wall art, so I opted for a DIY project ;).  Sticking with my coastal theme, I knew that using shells, starfish, coral and sand dollars would be perfect!  I was browsing online and snagged six beautiful 11x14 shadow boxes that I got on sale.  Our girls love shells and have a huge collection, so it was a fun project to include them in.  They even helped me pick out the shells that we used in a couple of the boxes! I ordered some dried starfish, sand dollars, and a sea fan coral for the other shadow boxes.  Once we had them all arranged (you can see that process here), I hot glued them down.  The first photo below was taken without the glass insert so you can get a better visual.  Check out that stunning rug while you are at it ;)

I wanted to add more color and create more table space, so I gave a couple of old end tables a little makeover.  I mixed paint colors together until I had a coordinating teal/seafoam color.  I did the same color update with an outdoor candle holder I've had for years, then used it for a potted plant.  Check out my painting process here.

I softened up the room with some white curtains, white throw pillows and a couple of decorative pillows to tie the theme together.  I also added some plants, solar string lights, battery operated lanterns, and a chandelier for a touch of glam!  My family and I sure are loving our new outdoor oasis!  I hope that you enjoy seeing the rest of the transformation below!  

I want to give a big thank you to Costway and for sponsoring this blog.  You definitely need to check them out!  You can snag the furniture set here and the rug here.  Thank you for following along! 




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Adra's Big Girl Room! My little Adra wouldn’t stay in her crib, so I figured it was time to get her a big girl bed!  I'm definitely a little sad about transitioning her so soon and not having a crib anymore, but she always wants to be like her big sisters, so all of her stages have gone faster than they did with Ava and Aura.  I surprised her with the Delta Children Bennett Toddler Bed in white, and it’s beyond adorable how excited she is about it!  I love how well made it is and the assembly was simple!  Her room is fit for a princess and now this little princess just needs to stay in her bed all night.  LOL.

Watch her room tour here.

This is sponsored by Delta Children, but all thoughts are my own.

I hope that you enjoyed Adra's room reveal!





Other featured items:

Canopy and pom poms: Spinkie

Custom flower crown on top of canopy: Ellis Originals

Paper flowers on wall: Mi Prima Belle

Wall decals and butterflies purchased separately from Amazon


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DIY Succulent Garden DIY Succulent Garden

Succulent gardens are such a fun activity to do with your kids, or by yourself with a glass of wine ;)  My girls had so much fun painting pots and arranging their own succulents to plant.  Ava and Aura even painted rocks to add into their arrangements, and are looking forward to taking care of their gardens.  You can order succulents online from Surfside Succulents, they even ship straight to your door for FREE on orders of only $35 or more!   I ordered some for my mom for Mother's Day and she LOVED them so much, that we had to get some for ourselves and do our own planting projects :)  

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Wedding Invites Made Easy! I always enjoy providing tips that make planning events less stressful.  Basic Invite truly makes your life easier when it comes to getting the word out about your upcoming event.  I especially love all of their wedding invite and wedding name card selections!  I have been recommending Basic Invite to my soon-to-be married clients and they have all loved them as well. 

Basic Invite also offers free wedding websites- which is a major perk!  Their products are completely customizable so you can assure you are getting exactly what you envisioned for your big day!  You can use their design suite and can choose from 180 custom colors to match your wedding invitations!  Did I mention they are mobile friendly?!  A lot goes into planning a wedding, so having these options is definitely helpful and alleviates some stress!  I was extremely thankful that their website was user friendly and it was simple to navigate through.  You have the option to upload all of your wedding details, as well as a venue map with directions to make it easy for your guests (you can even upload images).

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows you close to unlimited color options.  You can instantly preview them online to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.  You are able to alter the color of each element on the cards to fit your vision down to the tiniest detail.  These are the factors that really set Basic Invite apart from other online stationary companies.

One of the aspects I genuinely appreciate is that you are able to print samples before placing your bulk order.  I always recommend viewing a product in person before placing your order in full.  This way you can be certain that your products are exactly how you want them.  Being able to see the color, design, and feel the paper quality is very important.  It can also save you money in the long run, in the event you happen to order in full and don’t end up loving the product and were in the situation where you needed to re-order.  I admit, this actually happened to my husband and I with our wedding invites ;/.  I wish I would have known about Basic Invite years ago, although I am happy to share what I now know :)

Let’s talk envelopes!  If you want to spice up your invites with some more color, rather than using a standard white envelope, they have over 40 different envelope shades to select from.  Going with a colorful envelope will make your invitation stand out prior to even being opened!  They are all peel and seal, so you don’t have to spend your time licking loads of envelopes ;) LOL.  Again, I wish I had that for my wedding invites :)

I love how you can personalize any of their product options while also having the convenience of being able to select the style you like without having to personally design from scratch.  Basic Invite has well over 900 wedding invitation sets.  They have it all -  save the dates, wedding invitations, wedding programs, wedding menus, enclosure cards, and thank you cards!  Each of their wedding invitations come as part of a set.  If you asked me, this would be considered a wedding hack, something every bride can benefit from ;)

Another feature that makes life easier is the option to use their free wedding collection service to request the addresses of your potential guests (it takes just three easy steps!).  You can choose to share a link via email or social media, collect those addresses, and get free envelope printing!  This can save you quite a bit of time!

Let me now add the icing on the (wedding) cake (pun intended) ;) Basic Invite's seal and send wedding invitations are also an all-in-one wedding invite that includes a tear-off RSVP postcard, making it convenient for attendees to mail back to you.  Brides are LOVING this option on this new collection of seal and send invitations.  Basic Invite currently offers these in over 30 customizable designs.  I personally love the foil options the most!  What makes the seal and sends uniquely special, is that the guests addresses are printed on the front of each invitation, so no envelope is necessary.  Not needing to hand write all of the addresses on each envelope is a definite time saver! 

If you are a bride-to-be, or a friend of one, I'd highly recommend using Basic Invite!  Being able to share a link, collect guest addresses, and upload them onto your chosen design is such a huge perk (not to mention the customization).  Once you receive your order, all you have left to do as add postage, fold your invitations, secure them with a sticke, and voila!!  Simple and easy :)

XO, Ashley  @ashleylynlivin

Be sure to head over to Basic Invite!  You can also check out their social channels here:






*This blog is sponsored by Basic Invite, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Fun Learning For Kids! Elephant Learning Online Math Academy


Major win, look at Aura clapping while she uses the Elephant Learning Math Academy!  Every parent wants their kids to excel in school, and the foundation of learning centers around reading and mathematics.  Considering mathematics tends to be the most challenging subject for children to grasp, I really want to ensure my daughters have a strong, core understanding of math at an early age.  I am honored to have become a brand affiliate, working alongside Elephant Learning, and although I do earn from qualifying purchases, I am genuinely impressed with the rapid improvement in both of my daughters learning through this academy.  Having this academy as a teaching tool has made math fun and easy for both Ava and Aura.  The learning doesn’t feel like homework or a chore because the lessons are in game form!

Elephant Learning Math Academy is a system for effectively and efficiently learning mathematics intended for children between 2 and 12 years of age.  It has been proven to advance children 1 year in their math level in only 3 months when used for just 30 minutes each week.  On average, children who are actively participating in the Elephant Learning Academy learn 1.5 years of math in only 10 weeks with using the academy 30 minutes per week. Elephant Learning Math Academy guarantees children will learn at least 1 year of math in 3 months when they use the learning system as instructed (the recommended usage is only 10 minutes per day, 3 days a week).  You are encouraged to not overdue the curriculum so the kids don't burn out .  Elephant Learning provides parents with access to detailed reports that allow you to understand exactly what your child's current progress is, and how you may work with them outside of the system in a fun and engaging way.  This system is perfect for parents that homeschool their children or for any parent that wants their little one to get ahead in mathematics, all while having fun through the process!

I set up an Elephant Learning account set up for both Ava and Aura.  The Online Math Academy allows parents to create separate work tabs for each child.  I have the program set up on our ipad and laptop, so Ava and Aura can select which device they prefer to play their math games on ;).  At the beginning of the program, your child will take a quick placement test.  Ava and Aura never realized they were being tested because these are also in gaming format.  They were excited to select their very own avatar character that reads each questions aloud.  Ava selected the elephant and Aura selected the bunny :)

I am homeschooling Aura for pre-school, and since we started the program a couple weeks ago, she has excelled so much already!  In the first week alone, her Elephant Learning age went from 3.6 to 5.1 years.  She is able to complete the math questions at a faster rate, and with more confidence. Aura has also been improving so much more with her number recognition and problem solving. Elephant Learning has several cute and fun animated characters your child can choose from (Aura gets excited each time she makes her selection haha).  The curriculum doesn't change based on character selection, so when Aura wants to switch from the bunny to the polar bears, and then probably the sharks, she will be given the proper curriculum regardless.   

Aura enjoys feeling independent while working on the tasks, but I can be just as involved as a parent and track her performance on the coursework dashboard.  You gain all access to the statistics and performance on the active curriculum.  I love that I can select each subject they are learning to obtain the detailed information on each of my daughter's progress.  Elephant Learning also offers printable worksheets that coincides with the coursework!  This is the most impactful $35 you could spend every month (scholarships are also made available for families)!  Their staff is very responsive and they were happy to answer all of my questions that I had (we connected quickly via e-mail but they are also available to chat widget on their website).  Furthermore, they offer additional one-on-one tutoring for your child at an added price.  Get your little one started ASAP and be prepared to witness mathematical growth at an incredible rate!  I plan on gifting Elephant Learning Math Academy to one of my nephews also, I can't wait to see how excited he gets!  Click here to download!


A big thank you to Elephant Learning for sponsoring this blog.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Thank you for reading!  Xo





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Adra Turns One! I can't believe my baby Adra is one!!  It's as if I blinked and a year went by.  I would be lying if I didn't say I'm a little sad about it, because she isn't my tiny baby anymore...well not that she was ever really that tiny being born at almost 10 pounds!  LOL.  Adra has been the best addition to our family, and she really has been the sweetest, easy going baby.  It has been so much fun watching her grow and learn.  She looks up to her big sisters like crazy, and loves playing with them.  She started walking at 10 months because of it ;)  I was hoping she would be a later walker, but nope!!  Haha.

Even though Adra has been my easy baby, she did not make her birthday photoshoot simple at all!  LOL.  She was not interested in the cake (and it took me a long time to make because I am not a the best cake maker.  Haha).  She kept wanting to run off to find her sisters instead.  I had to keep chasing her, putting her back in the photoshoot set up, then rush back into position to get the right shots before she ran off again.  My secret to the photo directly below, is that I put Cheerios on the cake stand so she would reach for them.  

Adra looked so precious, and I absolutely LOVE the way my vision came together for her photos!  Adra always gets so happy when she looks at the big paper flowers on the wall in her bedroom, so I figured a flower theme cake smash would be perfect for her!!  I have two ladies to majorly thank for making this exact set up possible.  Jannet, maker of Krafty Dekor made Adra's stunning custom glitter/paper flower cake topper and "one" sign. Karen, maker behind Ellis Originals crafted the perfectly matching flower crown!  Karen also made the beautiful flower crowns for my maternity shoot when I was pregnant with Adra, so I knew she would create the perfect crown, and she did!  The garland and twinkle lights are from Coterie.

I love every last detail. I always want to remember these sweet tiny hands and feet.  Bracelet is by our long time friend, Sinthia, at Macs Chic Designs.  We have sooo much of her jewelry, my girls have loads of fun playing dress up with it!  Adra got so excited to put this on ;) Adra's expression is too cute in this photo.  I set her on this rocking chair to slow her down from running away and it worked for a little bit! =) One of her favorite songs is Patty Cake, so I sung that and she was so happy to clap along to it :)

Since she wasn't very interested in the cake, I put some frosting on her lips so she could get a taste of it.  She was a little surprised of the sweet buttercream frosting.  LOL.

Happy birthday to my baby Adra!  I look forward to continue watching her grow.  Here's to another year, a year that will hopefully go by slower!  Thank you for following along!  Xo




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DIY LINDOR Chocolate Wreath DIY LINDOR Chocolate Truffle Wreath

A big thank you to Lindt Chocolate for sponsoring this fun craft!

 My daughters and I always look forward to holiday crafting, and this year we wanted to make something fun and innovative that we could turn into a yearly tradition.  Since we are such huge fans of smooth, melt-in-your-mouth LINDOR Chocolate truffles, we decided to create a chocolate wreath!  We plan to eat the chocolates together on Christmas Eve, so you know Ava and Aura are especially excited!! We went to Walmart to buy the LINDOR Chocolates and crafting goods, and I was blown away by their vast holiday selection and amazing prices! We decided to use the LINDOR Milk Chocolate truffles and the LINDOR White Chocolate truffles to make a red and gold wreath (and they are our absolute favorites).   Adra was so excited about all the goodies! This will be her first year watching us do a Christmas craft! ;) To get started, you'll need:

-LINDOR Chocolate truffles (colors/flavors of choice)

-Wire wreathe

-Holiday greenery

-Choice of ribbons (red, gold and sparkle white)

-Tulle (gold sparkle)

-Accent sprigs of choice (I did sparkle gold eucalyptus and white berries)

-Battery operated LED light string

-Floral Wire

-Wire cutters and scissors

Start by adding the greenery to the wire wreath, securing it with floral wire.  Remove select pinecones as needed.

Finish filling the wire wreath with greenery.  You may need to add in a few extra cuttings to fill in any empty spaces.   Next, twist floral wire on each side of the LINDOR Chocolate truffle, and twist the wires down into one as pictured below.   Secure the LED light base to the back of the wire wreath using floral wire. Next, wrap the lights around the wreath, spreading them out evenly.

Once the LED lights are spread out accordingly, follow that same process, but this time wrapping the tulle around the wreath.

Once you have completed the steps above, yule (hehe) want to make the LINDOR Chocolate truffle ornament clusters and ribbon fillers.  For the ribbon fillers, cut small strips and make loops (some with three loops, some with only one) in different colors and sizes.  Secure the ribbon fillers to the wreath using the floral wire.  For the clusters, take 3 floral wired LINDOR Chocolate truffles (or 5 depending on preference/wreath size) and twist them together into a bouquet.  Then, add the floral sprigs and ribbon.  Secure each cluster together using floral wire.  After the cluster bouquets are completed, use floral wire to secure them to the wreath.  If you are making a larger wreath, you will want to make more clusters, but I would recommend an odd number (i.e. 3, 5, 7, etc).

Add a large bow to the top of the wreath.  I made my bow with a gold wired ribbon and tulle, then added some gold sparkle ribbon (but you can easily add a ready made bow).  Next, use ribbon fillers and extra floral sprigs to fill in the wreath. Viola!  A LINDOR Chocolate truffle wreath!  We are all looking forward to eating the chocolate truffles on Christmas Eve! We will definitely make this a yearly tradition and add new LINDOR Chocolate truffles each year to come! I love the LED lights!  Such a pretty touch for the evenings!   I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  You can watch my video demonstration here.  Happy crafting and thank you again to Lindt Chocolate!  Xo




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Cedar Plank Wild Alaskan Salmon Cedar Plank Wild Alaskan Salmon

Cedar Plank Wild Alaskan Salmon over steamed rice, grilled asparagus and grape tomatoes. Topped with micro greens, and a lemon-dill butter sauce. Served with a charred lemon.


If you haven’t tried BUTCHERBOX yet, you are seriously missing out! The quality and taste is amazing! As a mom of 3, it's so much more convenient for me to order online.  Having proteins that are both high quality and great value delivered to my door is a win-win!  Right now, if you place an order with BUTCHERBOX, you will receive FREE ground beef for life!  2 pounds with every box!  This deal expires on 9/30/19

BUTCHERBOX premium meats are:

•Antibiotic and hormone free

•100% Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef, Heritage Breed Pork, and Free-range Organic Chicken

•By partnering with a collective of small farms, they are able to deliver you the best products for less than $6 per meal! 

•FREE delivery! 


Click here for the video of what I ordered in my box, and see how the Cedar Plank Alaskan Salmon was made!


-2 Wild Alaskan Salmon fillets from BUTCHERBOX

-2 cups jasmine rice

-1 star anise

-3 to 4 cardamom pods

-1 bunch of asparagus

-Grape tomatoes

-2 lemons

-Handful of fresh dill

-Olive oil

-Splash of white wine

-Fresh micro greens

-Cedar plank

-1 TBSP of butter

-2 fresh sprigs of rosemary 

-Seasonings: salt, pepper and garlic powder 



1. Steam 2 cups of jasmine rice

     -add 1 star anise and 3-4 cardamom pods to rice cooker before cooking

2. Cut ends off asparagus and slice grape tomatoes in half 

3. Cut 1 lemon in half (remove ends as well)

4. Cut the 2nd lemon into wheels

5. Finely dice a handful of fresh dill

6. Season salmon fillets with:

   salt, pepper, garlic powder, fresh dill, sprig of fresh rosemary on top, along with a twisted lemon wheel

7. Place salmon (skin side down) on top of a pre-soaked cedar plank

8. Lightly oil veggies and season with salt, pepper and garlic powder



1. Place lemon halves half down on hot grill

2. Place cedar planked salmon on baking sheet and bake on 400 for approximately 9-12 minutes (less time for thin fillets, longer for thicker fillets).

3. Saute butter, olive oil, and a splash of white wine (we used chardonnay) with fresh cut dill

4. Add asparagus spears to hot grill

5. Rotate salmon in oven (after approximately 5 minutes of cooking)

6. Add halved grape tomatoes to hot grill

7. Squeeze half of lemon into sauce and continue to cook medium-low



* 1 scoop of jasmine rice to slight back corner of the plate

* Asparagus gently laid on top with a minor downside slope

* Salmon rests on top of the asparagus at a slope, showing the fillet

* Halved tomatoes around outside of the plate

* Charred lemon in top corner of plate

* Micro greens in ball, placed on top of salmon

* Spoon sauce around edges of dish with last drops over micro greens





This blog is in partnership with BUTCHERBOX, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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The Sesame Street Party Parade ~ The Sesame Street Party Parade ~


My girls can hardly contain their excitement!  Ava and Aura have been talking about going to The Sesame Street Party Parade all week and we are just minutes away from the start.  Ava knows that there is an impressive show stop that has performers jump roping and hula hooping, all while the Sesame Street friends get their groove on and dance away.  Elmo has always been Aura's favorite since she was a little girl, and I know that she is going to go absolutely crazy when she sees him!  Adra has never seen a parade, but she is feeding off of Ava and Aura's energy and is ready to go!

SeaWorld San Diego is the FIRST and ONLY place to see this unique parade experience in California, so it is a must see for anyone that lives in the area or if you are visiting!

The Sesame Street Party Parade features ten larger-than-life themed floats, including Mr. Hooper's Store and the Count's Castle.  The music was upbeat, the energy was electric, and everyone was movin' and groovin'.  I'm pretty sure I caught a few other parents dancing like they were kids again also :). It is such a great feeling watching my girls rock out with the Sesame Street characters together.  This is more than just entertainment, this is exactly what family time is all about!

I was so glad that the girls got to see Rosita live also!  Ava was ecstatic when she had the chance to give her a big hug!  Rosita made her way through the parade showering the kids with love, hugs and high fives.  What a first parade for Adra, she was wide-eyed the entire time, giggling at the characters and she really wanted to dance along with them!  This moment will be a memory that the entire family will never forget, thank you SeaWorld!





This is a paid sponsorship by Seaworld San Diego

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Your Tea - Fertility Tea YOUR TEA - Fertility Tea ~

I have to start this out by being completely honest, I have always known about hormones, but I was previously unaware of what exactly hormones are and what can be considered an imbalance.  Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers. They travel in your bloodstream to tissues or organs to help them perform at their peak. They work slowly, and over time they can affect many different processes, including growth/development, metabolism, moods, and reproduction (just to mention a few of the most common processes that are disrupted).  When this delicate balance is disturbed, the list of potential conditions and diseases associated directly to hormonal imbalance is staggering, and quite frankly its pretty scary.  When I first heard about Your Tea's Fertility Tea blend, I was solely thinking that this was specifically made for women that are struggling to conceive, and felt this may not be the right tea for me.  But when I looked into the details of the Tradition Chinese Medicinal Herbs that are used, I learned that this Fertility Tea is all about balanced hormones, which extends its benefits far beyond pregnancy.  I have battled with hypothyroidism on and off for years, and once I learned that these herbs can bring harmony to this constant struggle, I had to give them a try.

I ordered 2 boxes of Fertility Tea from Your Tea and their Glass Tumbler, which has a super sleek look with a bamboo lid.  I have been drinking this tea two or three times a day and have already felt a shift in my digestion.  I feel like my metabolism has been functioning at a healthier rate, which has actually helped with my sleeping patterns.  I don't know about you, but when I am overtired, I struggle maintaining my positive mood and energy throughout the entire day.  The best part, its so easy to drink the Fertility Tea because it tastes amazing!  If you haven't heard of this tea, you really have to give it a go and see the results for yourself!

You can grab your own Fertility Tea here. You can also read more about hormone imbalance here and how you can help improve them with Fertility Tea!

Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs used in the Fertility Tea:

Camellia Sinensis (green tea), Bohe chat (corn mint), Pu Gong Ying (Taraxacum), Gou Qi (Chinese Wolfberry)

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Love & Fit Love & Fit ~


Ladies, I'm going to be completely honest, if I could wear leggings all day everyday, I probably would. Not just any old leggings though, they have to be comfortable, soft and made with compressive fabric.  Over the years, I have literally tried every brand and style imaginable, and I have finally found the absolute best leggings, and they are from Love & Fit.  Love & Fit is a brand that was developed by Laura Berens, a fitness guru that understands the struggles of finding a sports bra thats fit for both nursing and working out.  Laura's innovative activewear was designed specifically for comfort, quality, and for mothers that endure the same difficulties she experienced.  I ordered the Guardian Leggings, the Athena Nursing Sports Bra, and the Cozy Up Nursing Hoodie from Love & Fit and I instantly fell in love with all of them!  

One of my favorite aspects of these Guardian leggings is the pocket on each side.  I have never had leggings with pockets at all, let alone the two deep, inconspicuous pockets that are hardly noticeable.  This is perfect for when I go on jogs or to the gym!  Now I won't need to tie my key into my shoelaces :).  


This Cozy Up Nursing Hoodie has two incognito zippers that allow us nursing moms to feed while staying warm and comfy throughout the entire process.  No more awkward moments deciding if I am better off stretching the neck down on my hoodie, or pulling it up in order to give my baby feeding access.  Thank you Love & Fit for making nursing and working out an easy, comfortable process!

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Party Decor Made Easy  

~ Who Wants To Party? ~


I can't believe Ava is 7 years old already!  Time flies when you are having fun, and it goes even quicker when you are watching your kids grow.  Each year for Ava's birthday, I let her choose the theme of her party and I do the best I can to recreate what she imagines.  As you know, party planning can be a tedious process, and with having three young daughters, finding the time to deliver their dream party can be a nightmare.  This year I was further stressed because Ava couldn't make up her mind on the theme she wanted until just a few days before the party date!  She finally decided on going with a beach themed party, since we recently moved down to San Diego and she has fallen in love with living by the ocean.  I immediately went online and started looking for all of the necessities I would need to put together what Ava had envisioned.  I realized that I was going to have to order supplies from four different companies to get everything that I wanted, UNTIL..... 



...I found Coterie Party Decor and was completely relieved that they carried everything I needed, plus they had some extra accessories to really enhance Ava's vision beyond expectation.  It was no longer necessary for me to purchase items from multiple companies, Coterie had it all.  I ordered the Beach Vibes Set with the express shipping.  Keep in mind my stress level at the time, and the fact it was only two days before Ava's party date, I cannot explain the sense of relief I had when the delivery arrived.  Everything was packaged with precision; there were no plates bent and no cups squashed.  

While I was setting up for Ava's party, I was excited to show her that her vision had come to life.  The Petite Vase Trio, Eucalyptus Garland, and Twinkle String Light centerpiece made the table POP!  The Sparkle Confetti, Gold Mercury Votives and Pineapple Mini Toppers were the finishing touches that really added to the fine details of the beach theme decor. 

How fun are these Gold Brushstroke Cups and Metallic Gold Cutlery?  I knew little Miss Ava was going to fall in love with her big girl, beach themed party table! 



Ava's eyes got big when she saw her birthday set up and she loved everything, down to the little palm trees printed on the plates!! ​​​​​​ Thank you @coterieparty for making Ava's dream birthday come true and taking the pressure off of this busy mama! 

Use code LYNLIVIN15 for 15% off your order at Coterie!



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Luxury Family Vacation Family Vacation ~

fam·i·ly /ˈfam(ə)lē/ - consists of the people who support and love you.

va·ca·tion /vāˈkāSH(ə)n,vəˈkāSH(ə)n/ - an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.

When these two things come together, it turns new experiences into unforgettable memories.  Looking back on my childhood, my memory is inconsistent.  There are stories that I can remember dating back to when I was three years old, but there are also more recent memories that have been forgotten along the way.  One thing remains constant, and that is that all of our family vacations throughout my childhood and upbringing contribute to the majority of my dearest memories.  These are the moments that can be re-lived down to the finest details; the days that turn into stories shared years down the road; and the times that are reflected upon throughout a lifetime.  It all starts with the question: how can I plan the perfect family vacation?  My thoughts immediately turn to relaxing by a pool an enjoying the hot tub.  My husbands ideal family vacation involves getting away and staying at a quiet, peaceful location.  Meanwhile, my daughters just want to play all day long and explore new places.  Here is how we were able to incorporate everyone's wishes into one, picture-perfect family vacation:

This is what pulling up to paradise looks like!  We decided to book a weekend retreat at this extravagant AvantStay property in Temecula, and the curb appeal upon arrival was breathtaking.  

"A stunning first impression is not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely it is an invitation to consider the matter." - Lois McMaster Bujold
We hadn't even stepped foot inside yet and I already knew that we were going to be blown away by the interior of the estate.  

The sounds of the water flowing through the fountain, the graceful birds chirping in the distance, and the vibrantly colored flowers scattered throughout the front landscaping fill the air with a natural perfume scent.  We were ready for our getaway to begin!

All six bedrooms were fitted with linens, towels, fluffy pillow, and comforters.  Each room had a complimentary style that enhanced the properties overall esthetics.  

Every detail of this AvantStay vacation in Temecula was well thought out and executed down to the soap quality, softness of towels, the fine woodwork of the furniture, placement of artwork and welcoming ambiance. 

I never imagined that a home could be so pristine while also making you feel welcomed and comfortable.  I was fully ready to relax and enjoy the afternoon!


While Ava and Aura were going from room to room deciding which one was theirs, I took some time with Adra to soak up the incredible living room space that's equipped with a gorgeous stone fireplace, enormous big screen tv, and comfortable seating available for well over a dozen people.  


This is when I realized that this was our first family vacation since Adra was born :)

I loved how the living room was furnished and the entertainment unit was fully equipped to have an at home movie night experience and the fireplace had an open area to sit around and tell stories with the girls.

I loved how elegant yet comfortable the furniture and decor was.

On my way upstairs to check out which bedroom my daughters chose to sleep in tonight, I walked passed the Wine Cellar and fell in love with the entryway.  What's a vacation without some wine?!


Anybody want to guess what room Ava and Aura gravitated to?  If you guessed the game room, then you are right! This room is loaded with so much entertainment it's amazing.  There is a pool table, a foosball table, a mini arcade game, darts, Jenga, tv, couch, a ton of board games, a queen size bed and even a full kitchen overlooking the basketball court.  


Spoiler alert:  this isn't the nicest pool on the property :) but it sure was fun to play Dad/Aura vs Me/Ava.  After spending a few hours playing with the girls in the game room, it was time to go for a walk and check out the rest of the property behind the house.


Just outside the back doors is an astonishing area with something for everyone in the family.  


Of course the girls bolted straight for the playground :) They had so much fun on the swings, slide and mini rock climbing wall.  While they were swinging, my husband and I took a walk through the surrounding landscape.


I am completely in love with the sound of water slowly trickling down stream and the sight of hummingbirds eating nectar out of blooming flowers.  The best part, there is no background noise.  No cars, no sirens, no loud neighbors and no city lights.

The air was pure, the sun was strong and the breeze was light.  

This scenery was colorful, serene, and peaceful. I could spend all day soaking up the outdoors in this breathtaking environment.

The miniature golf green was one of the coolest features on the property.  Ava and Aura had a blast hitting their first hole-in-ones ever! 

Well, if I was looking for my husband at any point, I knew exactly where he'd be :) This court has tons of extra room to play ball with plenty of people too.

It was time for my favorite part of vacations, the pool!

This is really what I had been looking forward to!


The well manicured landscaping provided perfect shading over the pool and hot tub.  The surrounding sights brought a sense of comfort and privacy.  It was time for a dip!


Look how much fun Adra was having floating around the pool wearing her new mermaid swimsuit in this big unicorn blow up floaty.  

The girls loved sitting on top of the waterfall kicking their feet inside the hot tub.  Watching them play in the water and have fun together while I'm relaxing is priceless and one of my favorite parts of our vacation.


Ava wanted to lay out and get a little sun.  I love that there was a door from outside that led directly into the master bedroom.  I snuck in for a quick bath before dinner.

The master bath has a double sided fireplace and its accompanied by a dual head walk-in shower.  I could lay in this tub for hours!


Aura insisted that we wear our matching boots for dinner.  This gorgeous stairway grabbed my attention when I first walked into the property.  I love its curvature and intricate wall paneling.

Isn't Aura just the cutest!

It was dinner time and the dining room is exquisite.  The table accommodates twelve, plus there were table leafs available that can extend the table to seat twenty!  The chandelier, drapes, diamond cut glass windows and hand carved wall unit really took this room to the next level.  


This day was memory making at its finest.  Without micromanaging the afternoon, we were able to balance being active and relaxing throughout the day.  During dinner, we went around the table and said what our favorite part of the day had been, and we all had different answers.  Ava was all about the game room, Aura was most excited about the playground, my husband was in love with the basketball court and I was in complete bliss poolside.  

Not all vacations are created equal, and this family bonding time will go down as a forever memory.  Next time we book with AvantStay, we plan on inviting a few of our friends and their families also.  Thank you for joining me on this vacation adventure, and an even bigger thank you to AvantStay for the most amazing hospitality!  

XO, Ashley



For videos from our family vacation, click here!


Book an AvantStay luxury vacation home for yourself or with some other family and friends by clicking here!

*USE CODE: ASHLEYLYN250 for $250 off your booking!

The @AvantStay home we stayed in is the Callaway in Temecula.


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Adra's 1/2 birthday!  

Adra Turns 6 Months ~

Happy 6 months to my little Adra!  I don't know how this time has flown by so fast, but this past half year since Adra was born has been a true blessing! Seeing Ava be a big sister for the second time and seeing Aura as a first-time big sister has been so special.  They have both been great with their baby sister and we have already made so many unforgettable memories as a family of 5!

Adra was sooo excited when I was taking her photos because she loved the set up and being able to throw the pearls around ;) lol.  Playing a couple of her favorite songs while Mom is being silly is the best way to get her to smile and giggle!  

It has been such a pleasure watching my little love grow.  I can't wait to look back at these when she turns 1 year old!  Thanks for following along! Xo



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Best Mother's Day Gift ~ THE GIFT OF LOVE ~


Mother's Day means so much more than beautiful flowers an amazing food.  For me, its a time for reflection and family.  While my husband and daughters shower me with hugs of appreciation, I actually feel like I am the one that appreciates these moments the most!  After breakfast and coffee, my girls told me they had a surprise.  I knew they had picked something special for me from Noémie, but I didn't know the specific gift (with some help from their dad). What mom doesn't love surprises from their little ones?  

I know they didn't exactly wait until Mothers Day since they were too excited, but who knew my daughters could keep a secret from me for as long as they did?!  Ava and Aura were so excited to surprise me, it only added to my excitement!

 What could Aura be holding behind her back?

Even Adra's eyes got big when she saw this exquisite, meticulous Noémie Jewelry box...

My excitement was unbearable at this point!

Shocked.  Grateful.  Loved.  Appreciative.  I was overwhelmed with emotion!  The Diamond Eternity Band Ring from Noémie is dazzling, stunning, immaculate, sophisticated, and the most thoughtful Mothers Day gift I have ever received.  Look at Aura's focus putting my new ring on for the first time!

Ava was so anxious to tell me that Aura, Adra and her name were all engraved on the inside of the ring.  Having this priceless gift personalized means the world to me!

Receiving this Noémie Eternity Band from my daughters has been such a special moment for me, and definitely a memory I will cherish forever!

Adra is just as in love as I am :)

I have so much to be thankful for!  I am healthy, loved and my family makes me feel so special!  Thank you for following along and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!  Xo




Beautiful ring from Noémie @hello_noemie

*Use code ASHLEYLYN_MAMA_50 for $50 off your order!  Engraving is also free!  Engraving takes about 4 weeks but it's so worth it :)


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Baby Adra I'm a little late posting Adra's newborn photos since mama life of three has kept me busy. Adra has been such a great addition to our family and we can't get enough of her. Adra Lyn was born on 11/18/18 weighing 9 lbs, 10 oz. I knew she was going to be a big baby, but that weight was a surprise! Now I know why it hurt so bad to carry her around in my belly during my third trimester. LOL. Adra was the most challenging one week old I have ever taken photos of since she was so big and strong for her age. Doing a newborn shoot right after having a baby is challenging enough, but this tiny princess did not want to cooperate and wanted to stay awake for most of it. Normally, I'm able to pose baby and get them warm and comfy so they fall asleep, but that wasn't the case with Adra. I tried for 5 1/2 hours, but little miss had other plans. I'm bummed all the cute props and poses I had planned did not happen, but I'm thankful I was able to capture some sweet memories while she was this small. This photo below is the perfect example of how she was for most of the pics I tried to take ;) I know this photo with the crown didn't turn out the best, but she woke up a second later and it was all I was able to get. I did a similar picture of Aura after she was born, so I'm keeping it for memories :) Ava and Aura sure are proud big sisters!  Ava has been "teaching" Aura how to be a big sis, and has told her what a tough job it is. Haha ;). I will always cherish these precious moments of my girls together!

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Girls Bedroom Reveal Ava and Aura's bedroom is finished and I'm so excited to share the transformation photos with you!  When we moved into our new home in San Diego, I told my girls I would create a "big girl" room for them, so this has been something they have been looking forward to! When I asked Ava if she had any requests for their new room, Ava said she wanted pink walls and fairies. As I began brainstorming the overall design, I decided on white furniture with an accent wall to balance out the pink. I was picturing white wallpaper with a floral print. While searching for a pattern that caught my eye, I came across this Lydia wallpaper from Loomwell Home Goods and instantly knew it was the right fit.  I was sure that my little princesses would love it!

The wallpaper has just the right amount of white and floral print, coordinating perfectly with the furniture and light pink walls. It was also super easy to put up! It arrived in adhesive rolls that are removable and damage free! You can watch our installation project here.

My next step (well actually my husband's) was putting together Ava and Aura’s bunk beds. When I was in search for their beds, I wanted a classy, feminine design with curved headboards and footboards. When I came across Maxtrix Kids Furniture, I loved their styles! The Twin Low Bunk Bed matched exactly what I envisioned and I immediately fell in love with the molding details. There are so many custom options to choose from it's amazing!  Their team of staff was excellent with communication and answering questions.  The bunk beds arrived in a total of 11 boxes, making it easier to stay organized with the assembly process. The wood and design of the beds is very high quality too!  It didn't take my husband long to put them together because the assembly wasn't complicated.  My father in law came over and quickly helped him stack and secure the beds. We can reconfigure the beds in the future if we decide to too, which is another major perk in choosing Maxtrix Kids.  I would absolutely recommend investing in their furniture!  Ava and Aura were so excited to see their beds set up once it was almost finished being put together. Just look at their faces! ;)

My girls were thrilled to get their new mattresses to sleep in! We chose the Revive 2.1 mattresses from Custom Comfort Mattress. They sure are comfy!! The Revive 2.1 expertly combines inner tufted cotton with a thick comfort layer, quilted plush top, and conforms to your unique contours. This cushiony comfort layer is built on a medium-firm coil core and finished with a plush quilted top for both lasting support and ultimate comfort. Now, I don’t mind when they want me to lay in bed with them! Haha! Custom Comfort provides high quality, double-sided mattresses, amazing customer service (including free delivery in Southern California) and affordability! They have so many great options for a wide range of budgets. Next up was bedding. I’ve been wanting to get my girls Beddy’s (bed ease) bedding since I learned about it last year. Creating this space for my girls was the prime opportunity! Especially since Beddy's is ideal for bunk beds. The entire bedding set fits on the mattress like a fitted sheet. It zips together on both sides like a sleeping bag, has a quilted cotton exterior and a cozy mink interior. The unique concept makes it so much easier for my girls to make their own beds, a huge bonus as a busy parent! Ava was away at Disneyland with her grandparents when we put their bedding on, so Aura was excited to surprise her with it when she got home :). They are both ecstatic about being able to easily make their own beds now too! I chose two of the chic white sets, blushed throw blankets and vintage blushed ruffled shams. I love the way it looks against their floral wallpaper and couldn’t be happier with it!  Check out the video of it here. When I searched for a dresser to match their bunk beds, I came across Million Dollar Baby Classic and found their Foothill/Louis style (in white). Once I saw it, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for! It has elegant molding, power coated steel drawer glides, and six spacious drawers that provide practical storage in a sophisticated silhouette. It's also very sturdy and well made!  The delicate metal knobs (pictured above) are another great feature on this dresser. Although, Ava really wanted “diamond” knobs, so I ordered some to put on and I love the way they look on the dresser because It really adds to their overall theme.  orm-data; name="file_caption" The dresser area is also where I decided to incorporate the fairy theme. I had beautiful paper flowers custom made to hang on the wall above it. Miprimabelle makes the most amazing paper flowers and she is so sweet! She has made me flowers in the past (which are now in the nursery) and I loved those so much, I wanted some to match Ava and Aura’s new big girl room. Once I chose the wallpaper print, I sent photos of it and told her some of my decor ideas, then she created these gorgeous flowers! <You can use coupon code ASHLEYXMAS18 for 20% off at Miprimabelle until 12/22/18> I added a couple lanterns and small figurines to the dresser top (a fairy and a bunny holding a tiny mushroom). I also found the cutest mushroom shaped fairy house night light from Little Belle Light. I chose the pink and gold, but they have several cute color combinations. They are beyond adorable and my girls absolutely love theirs! It surely unites the magical fairy feel to their space.  I love how everything came together for Ava and Aura’s new bedroom. The previous owners had the room painted navy blue, with gold trim mirrored closet doors. Click here to see the before photo. I'd say we made quite the transformation and I think I accomplished making their dream room come true. You can also click here to see a quick video tour. I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos of how Ava and Aura’s room turned out! Thanks for following along! 





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Maternity Photos I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone by for me!  It's been quite the roller coaster of changes for my family and I. We moved from the bay area down to San Diego (California), Ava started 1st grade, and we've spent the past few months getting settled into our new home, which has been full of house projects to make it our own. To say the least, my husband has been working overtime on his honey-do-lists. Haha!

For this photo session, I have to give my hubs extra props. We are always a photography team, but for my maternity photos, I told him he needed to pay extra attention to detail and make sure the train on my gown was positioned nicely at all times. He did such a great job!  It was cute how serious he was fixing my dress in between shots ;) Looking at these photos makes me realize how special this time in my life is and how truly thankful I am for my family. All three of my pregnancies have been difficult in one way or another, including different sorts of complications, so it's not always easy for me to be stress free and relaxed. Although, when looking down at the baby girl in my big round belly and at my sweet daughters Ava and Aura, it reminds me that I really need to soak in these last few weeks and try to enjoy them!

Since this will be my last pregnancy, I wanted to get dressed up with my little princesses in long, pretty dresses and take photos on the beach now that we live so close to it. We did them at La Jolla cove in San Diego, right near where my husband and I got married. So, it was special for several reasons. Ava and Aura love the beach and seeing them excited about it made it even more fun!  

All the outfit details came together perfectly. A few months ago, the extremely talented designer Leah Maria, of Leah Maria Couture, reached out to me wanting to make me a custom maternity gown. What an honor! I selected the style, color and material, as well as provided her with my measurements. She did a phenomenal job and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!  

I wanted to incorporate lace and tulle into Ava and Aura's dresses, so Kim, the amazing owner of Modernechild, sent me these beautiful Olivia V Lace Back Dresses. The back lace detail on these is stunning! Since I chose them in Ivory and white, I wanted to tie them in with my light pink dress by wearing matching flower crowns. Karen, the incredible creator of Ellis Originals was so sweet and made us the most beautiful custom crowns to match. They were truly a staple accessory in coordinating our dresses together. A major thanks to these three ladies for making our photos even more special! Ava and Aura looked like they were ready to be flower girls in a wedding ;) These photos will be memories my family and I cherish forever.

Don't mind my little girls and their palms full of sea shells they found ;)  

It's difficult to imagine my belly will be getting even bigger! I'm due November 17th, so we will see when this baby girl plans to make her debut! It's not the best quality, but if you'd like to see a quick behind the scenes home video clip, click here :). Thank you for following along, I hope you enjoyed our photos and I appreciate every one of you!





Custom made maternity gown by Leah Maria Couture (Instagram: @leahmariacouture) -Use ASHLEY10 for 10% off! She also makes non-maternity ;)

Custom made flower crowns by Ellis Originals (Instagram: @ellisoriginals501)

Olivia V Lace Back Dress from Modernechild (Instagram: @modernechild)


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Aura Turns Two! My sweet Aura is officially two years old!  This little lady is one busy bee.  She loves to copy her big sister, climb on everything, talk, dance, sing, draw, and get into anything she can.  She wishes I would let her eat yogurt all day long while allowing her to play with remotes and shoes.  Haha!  She is in full toddler mode to say the least, and we are enjoying every busy minute of it! ;)

Aura loves My Little Pony, so she was beyond excited when I surprised her with a My Little Pony birthday theme! {Items from this session are linked below} The expression she made when I set 13 cupcakes in front of her was priceless!  LOL I made her some yummy vanilla cupcakes, then topped them with sprinkles and My Little Pony figurines.  Aura loves babies of all kinds: baby dolls, actual babies, baby stuffed animals, puppies, you name it.  So of course she was ecstatic about her pony plushy!    Her sweet little personality didn't hesitate to shine through.  She started off by dipping her finger into the frosting and then feeding it to her pony plushy :)  It was too cute! After she shared frosting with her pony, she gave her a big hug!   Aura decided to try the frosting next... It didn't take long before she helped herself to a whole cupcake!  She loved every second.  Her expression had me laughing! ;)  Haha! Happy birthday to my baby girl, Aura.  Our family is very lucky to have you!  You bring us so much sweetness and joy every day.  Here's to another year of making memories and watching you grow up more each day!  We love you!! 

A big thank you to the amazing shops who came together for this shoot!

Tassel Banner: Vice Verses, Instagram @vice_verses_

My Little Pony Themed BannerSweetbugaboo, Instagram @sweetbugaboo

Hot Pink Paris Tutu Dress: Little Girl Luxe Shoppe, Instagram

Princess Crown: Fairytale Dreams, Instagram @fairytale.dreams

Bracelet: Maks Chic Designs, Instagram @makschicdesigns


Follow along with us on Instagram here!  Xo



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Cute and simple holiday cards! A big thank you to Mixbook for sponsoring this blog and for giving us the gift of Mixbook to share with our family and friends!

This year I wanted to make our holiday cards extra fun, and since we take so many pictures, I also wanted to begin a family tradition of printing a yearly photo book.  When I checked out the Mixbook website, I was excited to see all the amazing options they had to help bring my visions to life.  I was also impressed with how user friendly their website was.  You can insert your photos into their ready made templates, or you can customize your favorite template to your liking (i.e. photo size, placement, colors, fonts, etc).  For our Year In Review book, I upgraded to the Premium Lay Flat Hardcover so it would be more sturdy (a must with Ava and Aura).  Then, for our Christmas cards, I selected the Hand-Painted Christmas Portrait Luxe Board Flat Card.  As a photographer, having multiple surface options to print on is my favorite Mixbook feature.

I chose the 12"x12" Modern Year In Review book and filled it with our favorite family photos from this past year.  When our order arrived in the mail, we were all so excited to see our cards and book in person.  It was extremely special reminiscing on so many great family memories that occurred over this last year. Mixbook did such a great job and the quality is fantastic!  Their photo books also make amazing gifts for grandparents, parents, etc!

For our holiday cards, I figured what could be better than creating a photo that brought together something that I enjoy doing with Ava and Aura (baking) and the girls doing what they love most... making a mess! Haha.  I love sparking their imaginations, so I decided to do a simple composite of them as cookie-cutter sized girls making snow angels in flour, all while baking cookies!

I wanted to share how I created this fun photo: First, I took a photo of a few sugar cookies that we cut out on a cutting board.  I made sure to leave some room on the cutting board for where I was going to place my cookie-sized girls (in Photoshop).  Then, we dumped a couple bags of flour on our wood floor so I could get an individual photo of both my girls being "snow angels"... yep, you read it right! Lol.  It was a giant mess, but oh so worth it!  Ava and Aura loved every second of it and had way too much fun ;)

After I got a picture of each of them, my hubby and I let them play in the flour for a few minutes before we cleaned up.  I volunteered to do the much needed immediate bath duty.  My husband got the better end of the deal cleaning the floor, right??  Okay... maybe not ;). Haha!  Ava said making flour angels was so much fun and asked if we could do it again.  Haha!

Once I edited the three photos necessary to created my image, I combined them as layers in Photoshop.  I sized then placed my girls accordingly on the cutting board and used a light opacity eraser to smoothly blend the images together.   Afterward, I uploaded their photo on Mixbook to create our family Christmas card!  Ava and Aura are ecstatic about it!  Ava even brought one to her kindergarten class for show and tell.  She said the kids loved it!  I can't wait to send out all of our Mixbook Christmas cards. :)


Happy holidays and don't forget to check out all the amazing options Mixbook has to offer by clicking here. Xoxo


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Your Own Family Movie Theater…Anywhere! A big thank you to CINEMOOD for sponsoring this blog!  All thoughts and opinions are my own :). 

Make family time a bit more fun, magical and memorable with CINEMOOD!  It's a family-friendly portable projector that converts any surface to a 150" cinema!  Set up your own movie theatre at home, riding in the car, on a camping trip in the tent, etc.!  You can make the screen smaller by placing it closer to the projected surface.  It can stream 100+ hours of kid friendly preloaded content.  You can also watch Netflix and YouTube on it!  It has up to 5 hours of battery life, is portable, and can even fit in the palm of your childs hand. Ava and Aura have been having so much fun with it.  They have loved watching the pre-installed cartoons, playing the games, listening to the audio stories and reading the digital books before bed time.  My girls love that they can play the CINEMOOD on the ceiling in their room before bed!  We have had several family movie nights where we set up pillows and blankets on our living room floor for a "slumber party" with popcorn and snacks.  We already have special family memories with our CINEMOOD and it's only been a couple weeks since we've had it.  Next time we go on a road trip, I am SO bringing this for the girls so they can stream it off the ceiling or on the back of the passenger seat while my hubby is driving! The kid friendliness is so convenient, Ava learned how to control it right away.  The "remote" is set by downloading the CINEMOOD app and connecting them via bluetooth to your mobile device.  It allows parents to have full control of what our kids watch, so it is completely worry-free!

Each Smart Cover comes installed with different content that automatically registers with the Storyteller once it is put on.  We have been enjoying swapping the covers to reveal the different content on each one! There are currently four different covers: KikOriki, Om Nom, Kit^n^Kate, and HooplaKidz.  They are all so cute and fun! This is the perfect gift for the holidays!  Not only for kids, but as something the entire family will enjoy!  You can purchase your own here (use promo code LYNLIVIN). 







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Making tooth care fun for kids! This blog is sponsored by "The Tooth in the Booth", but all thoughts and opinions are my own :)

As a mom of two littles, it's not always an easy task getting Ava and Aura to look forward to brushing their teeth.  In fact, I used to dread it most of the time because it felt like a forced chore.  So, when I heard about "The Tooth in the Booth", I was very hopeful it would spark excitement for them… and it sure did!   

Once our box set arrived, my girls couldn't wait to open it and meet Tiny (the tooth behind the fairy). We immediately unboxed Tiny and read his story about how he went from grimy to shiny!  We placed him on the bathroom mirror and put his booth in the corner of the bathroom counter.  Now he can keep watch and remind our family to opt for healthy foods, floss and brush twice a day.  Tiny lets the tooth fairy know what a great job the girls are doing with their oral hygiene.  He also guards lost teeth and greets the tooth fairy when she arrives. Tiny and his booth are so cute!  We read the story three times back to back (Ava insisted) as soon as we took it out of the box.  Haha!  The book is adorable and created so much excitement for them. Even though it wasn't time for our second brushing of the day, Ava wanted her and Aura to brush anyway!   Ava put toothpaste on both of their tooth brushes and couldn't wait to show Tiny how she helped Aura.  Pretty darn adorable right?! Aura was looking forward to brushing her teeth, and this never happens!  Needless to say, Tiny has become a favorite in our house.  One of the highlights of Ava's day is showing Tiny how well she is taking care of her teeth.  I often write little notes, as Tiny, letting Ava know how proud he is of her.  She gets so happy waking up to such positive reinforcement.  It's precious!  Ava has even asked to leave Tiny healthy snacks and sips of water ;) It's so much fun seeing her ecstatic with imaginary play.  This is such a fun age to enjoy!  I also love how Aura is following in Ava's footsteps with this! I definitely recommend "The Tooth in the Booth" as a fun reminder the whole family can have fun with!  Plus, it certainly makes it easier to prevent cavities when kids are willing to take extra great care of their teeth!  I know this is something all parents can appreciate!  We have had Tiny for a couple weeks now and he continues to be a big hit!  You can get your own Tiny here.  Use coupon code ASHLEYLYN10 for 10% off yours!  I am going to get one for my nephew this holiday season!  Happy brushing :) Xo



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Hair Care Tips ft. Sugar Bear Hair I'm excited to team up with Sugar Bear Hair vitamins!  This blog is sponsored by Sugar Bear Hair, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Since I get a lot of questions about my hair care routine, I wanted to share a few tips I live by in order to maintain long, healthy hair.

1) Great vitamins are a must! - Sugar Bear Hair is my current favorite!

2) A gentle brush

3) Use a shower cap for non wash days and dry shampoo in between.  I wash my hair every few days because the natural oils help keep your hair hydrated.

4) Moisturizing conditioner

5) Minimize heat styling

6) Drink lots of water!

I started taking Sugar Bear Hair vitamins a few weeks ago and I'm loving my results so far!  I'm already seeing new hair sprouts!  These colorful gummy bears even taste like candy!  Major score for me because I kind of have an obsession with gummy bears ;) Sugar Bear's are flavored from real berries and citrus fruits.  They contain 15 vitamins and natural ingredients, are vegetarian and cruelty free.  Even men can take them!  I'm not telling my hubs that though so he doesn't steal mine.  Haha!

Here's what comes with the 3 month supply (photo below).  I love the brush and hair tie too!  You can bet Ava and Aura claimed these cute stickers right away though :)

Aren't they a fun color?!  I have been taking 2 a day and can't wait to continue this program!

It's totally normal to take photos with cute gummies right?  Ok good, just wanted to check! ;) LOL I love Sugar Bears and can't wait to keep seeing my hair progress!  You can purchase a 1, 3 or 6 month supply by clicking here.  Xoxo



*Sponsored by Sugar Bear Hair, but all thoughts and opinions are my own!




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Bath time with AquaScale My little Aura sure loves bath time!  So when AquaScale wanted us to try out their 3 in 1 digital baby bath I knew she would be excited about it!  Now I see why the AquaScale tub is one of the most popular items on people's baby registries and the best selling baby bath at Target.  The tub easily transitions for babies newborn to toddler.  AquaScale is very well designed, tracking your little one's weight and also displaying the water temperature to ensure your child is in complete comfort.  How cool is that?!  When it arrived in the mail, Aura could not wait to check out the box to see what was inside.

So, let's take a look at it! :)

Here it is all set for a newborn with its easily removable support post installed (for babies 0-6 months).  The anti-slip mat is also a great feature and the plug at the bottom allows for easy draining. Here's a closer look at the attachment piece.  Since my little babe is a toddler now, she enjoys her tub time without the support post.  Here she is using it for the first time:  She was so happy and started splashing around in it right away!  Once she saw me utilizing the menu buttons to read her weight and check the water temp, it sparked a whole new level of excitement for her since she is in that curious toddler stage. Haha!

Someone is happy!  Wouldn't you say? ;)

It's the perfect size and shape to make bathing quick and simple. Look at those cute little toes and easy to read scale.  Even though she wanted to keep checking the water temp.  Lol! Aura sure loves it!  My only wish is that I would have had this bath sooner!  With the scale and water temp check features, It's a serious asset to have with any newborn.  It's definitely great to have an at-home scale to use in between doctor appointments.  Aura was never a fan of getting weighed at the doctors office, so having a built in scale disguised in a bath tub is a win-win!  I highly recommend this tub for new and expecting parents!  It's a baby registry must have!  I hope you enjoyed Aura's bath time photos as much as she enjoys her new AquaScale :)  Don't forget to check them out at your local Target.  Or you can shop online by clicking here.


This blog is sponsored by AquaScale, but all thoughts and opinions are my own :)

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Carter's--LBB Collection This post is sponsored by Carter's; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own :)

Once you have a baby, a whole new chapter of life begins that changes everything.  Having a new bundle of joy, whether its your first or third, is definitely challenging at times.  Every parent experiences sleepless nights, teething, etc, but the countless milestones and precious moments make it all more than worth it.  

Being prepared with baby clothes for our girls to wear their first year was one of the best choices we made, and Carter's has been there for us every step of the way!  The Little Baby Basics (LBB) collection has everything you need when it comes to newborn and baby clothes.  Not only are there so many cute options for both baby girl and baby boy clothes, but they are super comfortable and make changes easy!  One of my favorite newborns styles is the original bodysuit.  

I can recall so many times getting up throughout the night for feeding and diaper changes.  At times it has felt like my nights were turning into my days.  Aura was quite the night owl as a newborn.  When you feel like a tired zombie, the last thing you want to deal with is spit up, a poopy diaper and a crying baby.  So I am always thankful when Aura is in Carter's throughout the evening because the clothes are so easy to change.

Aura has a tendency to plan her poops for when we run errands (haha) and changing her in the back of the car or in the restroom is definitely something I want to get through quickly!  The LBB collection is perfect for all day, everyday use and I can't recommend these clothes enough!  They had me at cute and comfy, but also easy to change is a huge score!!

Not to spoil future baby showers that I plan on attending, but LBB baby clothes bundles are the best gifts for any mama-to-be!  Being prepared with various sizes of baby clothing is beyond helpful! Lucky for you, I'd like to share a special coupon (found here) for 20% off your purchase of $40 or more (valid until 7/4/17).  Find your nearest Carter's location here.

You can find the Little Baby Basics Collection here and the standard Carter's site here.  Happy shopping!  I must warn you though, picking a favorite is challenging…Lol. Below you can find Aura in a few of our favs! 



Someone is rather excited about her new LBB outfits!  Haha!  This is the 3-Piece Neon Little Jacket Set. My silly, happy girl…she thinks it's funny when she "makes" me smell her feet ;) These come as a set in the 2-Pack Babysoft Neon Coveralls.

My happy little walker!  I love that this collection has so many cute options to grow with your baby!  This is the 2-Piece Bodysuit Dress and Neon Cardigan Set with the Every Step Stage 2 Shoes. Don't forget to use your 20% off coupon when you shop the new LBB collection or the standard Carter's site :) 




<img src=""/>

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Sensitive baby skin? WaterPura has you covered! As a mom of two kids with sensitive skin, I'm always on the lookout for great products that don't irritate their skin.  I started using waterpura wipes on Aura in hopes of it helping her diaper rash and I'm happy to say she is now diaper rash free!  They are made up of 99.9% water and .01% citrus extract.  Knowing they are chemical free really puts my mind at ease.  Not to mention they are soft and strong (which makes my life easier when she has blowouts)! Ha!  They contain no fragrance or oils and are American-Made! If you are looking for safe, gentle and clean wipes, I definitely suggest trying waterpura!  Aura loves them as much as I do ;) #ad



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Mother's Day Gift Idea It's amazing how much love a mother's heart can hold for her children.  There aren't any words to describe it.  So having a keepsake piece of jewelry that represents my daughters is something I will always cherish!  Lisa Leonard Designs makes such beautiful customized pieces of jewelry that will make the perfect Mother's Day gift for any mom!  I chose their jumble of charms necklace engraved with Ava and Aura's names.  It's such a special symbol of my love for them!

I definitely recommend Lisa Leonard Designs as the perfect gift for yourself or someone else! ;)


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Graduation Session Congratulations to Ms. Aly on her upcoming graduation from Sacramento State!  Aly is so sweet and fun to be around.  Not to mention her obviously striking beauty!  I love that she was up for anything I suggested, and that she had a great time the entire shoot.  We walked through the campus and did photos in our favorite locations to document her accomplishment.  I must say it was extremely difficult for me to select favorites, but I managed to narrow them down ;)

Congratulations Aly!  I'm so happy you chose me to document this special time for you.  I wish you the best of luck in your new chapter of life!

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Frank and Shawna--Maternity Session Congratulations to Frank and Shawna on expecting their baby boy next month!  They are such a sweet, fun loving couple!  Hunter will be such an adorable and lucky little boy.  We did this session at William Land Park in Sacramento and it sure was gorgeous!  Here are some of my favorites from our shoot:

Aren't these little shoes the cutest?!

Can we just take a second to admire how beautiful she is?!  Seriously gorgeous!!

I can't wait to meet baby Hunter and I'm so honored Frank and Shawna chose me to document these special memories for them.  Congrats guys!!

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Top 5 Baby Registry Items

Being a first time mom can be overwhelming at times because you hear about so many items you need for your baby.  It's always important to have things like a humidifier, baby Vick's and baby fever reducer on hand, but I wanted to share what I found to be the most important on a daily basis with a new baby.  I'm not including big ticket items (like a carseat or stroller), because we all know those are a must have.  Instead, I am sharing some inside tips!  Nine out of ten moms wish that they would have included more everyday needs, like diapers, on the list.  The best piece of baby registry advice that I received with my first pregnancy was that I could never have enough diapers (Pampers are our favorite)!  


Here are my top 5 registry must haves:


1)  Pampers Swaddlers in different sizes to grow with baby.  I used Pampers with both of my girls because they have great coverage and comfort.  Not to mention the convenient yellow strip Swaddlers has that turns blue with a dirty diaper!  As you can see, Aura loves them! ;)


2)  The Nosefrida Snot Sucker (works best when used with baby saline spray).  I know the concept seems gross, but it's not and it's a life saver when your baby has a stuffy nose!


3)  Boppy changing pad liners to set on top of your changing pad.  I have six I rotate through.  They are easy to wash and so much more convenient than having to wash your changing pad cover each time it gets dirty during diaper changes. 


4)  A baby carrier and/or a baby wearing shirt.  Having these allowed me to do things around the house while still being able to keep my girls "held" when they only wanted mama.  Aura had a more difficult time adjusting the first couple of months and pretty much wanted me to hold her all of the time.  The Lalabu Soothe Shirt was my life saver!!  They even make them for Dad's now too.  I wish they had those when my girls were born!


5)  California Baby Calendula Cream is perfect for sensitive baby skin when they break out with minor skin irritations and rashes!  A little goes a long way so it lasts quite a while!


I registered at Target and Babies "R"Us!  They made registering so easy.  I did a combo of in store scanning as well as adding to my lists online ;)


If you have any questions, please message me and I'd be happy to help!  Xo



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JORD Wood Watches -- And Giveaway! What better way to bring on spring than with a new watch?  I partnered up with JORD Wood Watches and were giving away a $100 E Gift Code to JORD! Not only that, but each participant will receive a $25 E Gift Code just for entering!!  ENTER NOW by clicking HERE!  *Contest closes March 26th, 2017.  E Gift Codes are valid until May 31st 2017*

When JORD contacted me and wanted to send me a men's watch for my husband Sean, I have to admit, they scored me some cool wife bonus points!  Haha!  These luxury hand crafted watches are made of natural wood, so they are very unique and stylish!  I told Sean he should also check out the women's collection (hint hint) lol.  He selected the Dover Series Zebrawood and Dark Sandwood Watch from the men's shop.  Once it arrived and he opened it, he got a big ol' smile on his face :)  The packaging is seriously AMAZING too!

It comes in a beautiful wooden box with a magnetic closing lid.  It also has a pull out drawer at the bottom.  This watch can transition with almost any outfit as a true staple accessory.  It looks top notch with dressy wear, but also pairs well with a casual spring outfit.  My husband gets so many compliments on this watch when he wears it to work and when we go out on the weekends.

I figured I'd make this time really count, not just with the watch, but by getting some family photos so we could cherish these memories for the years to come.  I even set up my tripod to get a shot of just Sean and I because we haven't taken one with just the two of us in such a long time. Of course miss Ava was super excited to dress up with Daddy and be his little princess!  Although, lets be real.  She's his princess every day ;) Aura was excited to get some fresh air and walk with Daddy too!  I love this photo.  Ava watching over Aura, as Aura smiles at Daddy.  Melts my heart!


I can't get over how nice this watch is…and how cute Aura's thighs are ;)


I definitely recommend JORD Wood Watches.  They make the perfect special gift for a loved one, a friend, or for yourself! Don't forget to enter to win a $100 E Gift Code here!  Good luck and happy shopping! :)




Dress and Romper: @owlmoonboutique

Aura's Headband: @lovelittlelush

Aura's Mocs: @luxeandro

Aura's Bracelet: @makschicdesigns







http://<!-- JORD WOOD WATCHES ARTICLE WIDGET START --> <a id="woodwatches_com_widget_article" title="Watch Gift Ideas">Watch Gift Ideas</a> <script src="//" type="text/javascript"></script> <!-- JORD WOOD WATCHES ARTICLE WIDGET END -->

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Faux Suede Tassel Jacket I love this open front faux suede tassel short coat (purchase link below)!  And…it's only $24.99 (reg $50.00)!  Plus, it's super comfy and easy to move around in.  Although, it runs a little small, so I would suggest going one size up.  I sized up to a medium and it fits great!  Here's some closer up details:

You can have fun with this coat and dress it up or down.  My look is a little more casual, but it would also be cute with a fancy top underneath!

Let's be real…I hardly go anywhere without my little girls, so this is usually how my photo shoots end up.  Lol. Ava wouldn't let go of my leg ;)…..then of course my littlest princess wanted mama, so she got in on a photo too!

I definitely recommend this coat if you want to add a little budget friendly style to your wardrobe!  You can purchase the jacket by clicking here :)



[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) blogger style love mom blogger short coat tassel jacket women's fashion Wed, 22 Feb 2017 18:44:11 GMT
Tame The Mane With Remington Ava used to really dislike getting her hair brushed.  Thanks to Remington, now she looks forward to using her new brush and begs me to play hair salon with her all the time!  We have fun trying different hair styles ;)  Make hair brushings fun with your little one by using the Tame The Mane Remington Electric Detangling Brush!  Click here to order yours today!


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Remington electric detangling brush fun girls time hair brush hair salon tame the mane Wed, 15 Feb 2017 17:22:55 GMT
Babies"R"Us Great Trade-In Event I admit, I'm one of those mom's who loves a good savings deal, so I took full advantage of the Babies"R"Us Great Trade-In Event!  Plus, you can't go wrong with Babies"R"Us since they are a trusted advisor with safety.  I think my little Aura is feeling like a big one year old, enjoying her car seat upgrade :) 

Get 25% off new gear or furniture with your trade in (30% off when you use your "R"Us credit card!).  In store only Jan. 20-Feb. 20.  Click here for details!  Xoxo

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Fri, 27 Jan 2017 17:14:23 GMT
Mommy and Me! My husband and I have had our hands full these past few weeks!  We surprisingly found out he got an out of area promotion, so we had to jump on the opportunity and move our family less than two weeks ago.  We are adjusting well and loving our new home so far, but it sure isn't easy to unpack and organize a household with two small kids!  It has also been storming almost the whole time too.  So we took our non-rainy window to do a little exploring and walk around our new neighborhood.

My sweet little Ava had been recently telling me she wanted to take a picture with me leaning down, giving her a kiss.  Seriously heart melting, so you know we had to make that happen!  After all, I know 10 years from now, she most likely won't be asking me to do that :(.  Needless to say, I love soaking up these precious moments!  

We wore some mommy and me boots and scarves.  Perfect for many occasions, but we will definitely be wearing them on Valentine's Day!  These over the knee Jalen Boots are from (This style is $5 off right now!).  Coordinating scarves (in Rhubarb) are by (Use 25% off code ""ILOVEYOU" valid until 1/27).  

Here's a few of my favorite shots with my little love:

It's moments like these that fill my heart with joy!  Ava gets so excited when we wear matching outfits!  Hopefully Aura will be the same ;)

HobsonvilleCo makes my favorite scarves!!  (Instagram @hobsonvilleco) It's the home of the ORIGINAL X scarf (she has a secret stitch!).  Once I wore the first one she ever made me, I never went back!  Lol.  They are super comfy and warm!  This color pairs perfectly with our boots!

It feels so good knowing how much she looks up to me!  My girls are the reason I strive to be a better person each day!

Details.  Love these boots!  The stretchy material is so comfortable, and the tie-back tops allow for the perfect fit!  Je t'aime shoetique has so many cute options! (Instagram @jetaimeforgirls)

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) cute infinity scarf love mommy and me mommy and me fashion over the knee boots style Fri, 20 Jan 2017 19:48:49 GMT
Aura Turns One Cake Smash! I can't believe my baby girl is one!!  This year has gone by too quickly.  We are beyond lucky this little bundle came into our lives.  She brings us so much joy and keeps us on our toes!  One of her favorite things to do is play with her big sister and copy her.  She has such a sweet personality, is full of giggles and loves to get in to everything.  I couldn't wait to see her reaction when I gave her a unicorn cake (I couldn't help myself on doing a unicorn themed shoot)!  Needless to say, she couldn't wait to dig in to her cake and she LOVED the frosting!  Who can blame her right??  Lol.  Happy birthday to my precious Aura Lyn!  Here's all the photos (and outfit details) from her big "one" year old photo session:

 I just had to!  Her legs are too perfect and I will miss her chunky thighs when they slim down.  Besides, what one year old girl would want to pass up a pair of suede BCBG heels? ;)

Love this "one" headband and dress! Headband Dress  Mercy moccs Her unicorn cake before she stuck her hands in it :)

So pretty!  My talented friend who makes cakes did an amazing job bringing my vision to life!

Ready for cake!

She liked it :)

I thought it was too cute she had her feet crossed while she dug in to her cake lol Then she started clapping….cake was a hit!

You can never end a cake smash without sharing with your toes right?? Haha. 

Pink headband: Purple Dress: Jewelry: Tassel Banners: Cake: @cakes_by_athena on Instagram

Her first time with a lollipop…it did the trick to keep her still for a second lol

Happy birthday baby girl!!  Here's to another great year with this little one!  Dress and flower crown by

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) baby beautiful cake smash first birthday flower crown love styled shoot unicorn cake unicorn theme Sun, 01 Jan 2017 21:52:40 GMT
Christmas magic with Leapair curtain lights Christmas is my favorite time of the year!  I love all the decorations, the smell of Christmas trees, baking, holiday spirit, etc.  Although, my favorite of all is seeing Christmas through my girls' eyes!  Watching them light up with excitement brings me so much joy, especially with Ava's imagination (since Aura isn't quite old enough yet).  I always love getting photos in front of the christmas tree, and this year it is extra special because it's Aura's first Christmas!  We had so much fun getting our house all decorated and we used these amazing Leapair curtain lights! You can get creative with them and use them for a Christmas decoration (inside or outside), a photo backdrop, wedding decor, or just for fun!  We hung ours along our curtains and Ava has had so much fun with them (they have 8 different amazing light settings).  Aura loves staring at them too!  I love creating Christmas magic in my photos (Ava gets so excited!), so we had a little fun using our curtain lights in the background!  Right now they are such an awesome deal (so no coupon needed) and I can't recommend them enough!  There's a couple color options available, the color we have is pure white.  Here's the link: Happy holidays!  Here's a few of my favorite photos using the curtain lights:

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) christmas christmas decorations christmas lights christmas magic leapir curtain lights love sisters Thu, 22 Dec 2016 17:31:00 GMT
Princess Tent & Tunnel Fun! This present came early for my little princesses this year!  But I confess I'm not done Christmas shopping yet, and I'm sure some of you aren't either lol…So, I wanted to share this amazing gift idea with you and give you COUPON CODES!  My girls seriously love this tent and tunnel, I can't recommend them enough (especially for the price)!  It entertains them for hours (yes! lol).  They are so well made, quick and easy to assemble, great for imaginary play, and can be used for indoor and outdoor use.  I also love that they fold up small and fit in their own carrying bags.  So convenient, easy to store and travel with.  It's perfect for play dates too!  I had to share some photos of Ava and Aura playing in it :)  Here's the links for you to snag these awesome deals before they are gone!

Direct tent link: **10% off tent discount code is: C8N5THOS (valid date: Dec 30th)**

** 10% off tunnel code: 77PUNP67 (valid date: Dec 25th) Direct tunnel link: (photos at bottom of page)** It even has a fun second exit to play in ;)

Ava was having too much fun pretending to be Rapunzel lol.

It's so fun and cozy inside!  It's even tall enough for Ava to stand in, she loves it!  She may or may not have made me come in too…haha

I love bringing the magic of her imagination to life, and this is the perfect tent to do that for every little princess!

The tunnel attachment hooks into the back of the tent and makes it even more fun!!  As you can tell, Aura loves it!  Both Ava and Aura have such a blast going in it!

I definitely recommend adding these items to your gift giving list this year!

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sat, 03 Dec 2016 18:51:27 GMT
Fall Walks - With Nuby! Going on family walks are one of our favorite things to do.  Especially in the cool, crisp, fall weather!  Ava (our 4 year old) likes to walk along side us, while Aura enjoys her stroller rides.  Sometimes I wish I could fit in the stroller so my husband could push me around while I drink my hot tea or apple cider. Haha!  But in all seriousness, Aura loves having her sippy cup.  Our favorite is the No-Spill Sip N' Grip 1st Sipeez!  It makes a click sound once the lid is locked in place.  Aura shakes it, throws it, and bites the spout…but it still doesn't leak!  What could be better than that?  Adding the Keepeez strap!  It attaches to a bottle or cup, then fastens to a stroller or high chair to prevent it from falling.  I can't tell you how much I love these two items together.  Now we are able to go on family walks and not have to worry about Aura's cup leaking, or worry about her throwing it on the ground to get dirty.  Just a little tip to make parenting a tad bit easier ;) You can shop them at


Direct Links:


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sat, 26 Nov 2016 21:03:16 GMT
Ben and Rianne's Maternity Session Congratulations to this beautiful couple on the soon to be arrival of their baby girl, Racquel! Ben and Rianne were so much fun to work with.  Their love for each other and for Racquel truly radiates.  I think they may have even memorized a couple baby books with how much they love to read to their little princess!  I love how they also wanted to incorporate their fur babies.  I was very impressed with how good their pups were too, it's like they were meant to be in front of the camera ;) Here are some of my favorites from their session:  

Congratulations Ben and Rianne!  Racquel is going to be one beautiful, lucky little girl!!

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Roseville photographer Sacramento Sacramento photography baby baby girl beautiful love mama to be maternity shoot Tue, 15 Nov 2016 00:42:48 GMT
Halloween Fun: A witch and her kitty cat! Ava was beyond excited to be a witch this year, she even picked out her own costume!  So, I figured it would be adorable for Aura to coordinate with her big sister as a little black kitty cat for her first Halloween!  I had so much fun doing my girls' photos at the pumpkin patch before we hunted around to find the perfect pumpkins.  Of course our family also had to go on the haunted train ride and let Ava guide us through the corn maze (you can imagine how that went haha).  Happy Halloween!  


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Halloween Sacramento photographer Sacramento photography black cat child photography halloween photo shoot pumpkin patch witch Mon, 31 Oct 2016 00:33:00 GMT
Parents Magazine Publishing I'm so excited I was able to work with Parents Magazine of Latin America!  My work was published on the September cover, as well as a four photo spread inside.  What makes it even more special, is that they featured my baby girl, Aura.  A photo from her 1/2 birthday shoot made the cover, and her four page fashion layout is just too precious!  I couldn't help but giggle when I saw it printed out lol.  She was so excited when she saw herself on the cover!  She had a big smile on her face and started waving to it…then she tried to eat the corner of the magazine.  Haha.  I made sure to get a few extra copies so she can look back on them when she's older :)  Of course we had to do a fun mini photoshoot of her checking it out for the first time! Crown Dress Bracelet Tassel Banner Headband Cookie Teether Blanket Flower Crown Romper Headband Headband Romper


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography baby baby girl beautiful child photography love magazine publishing parents magazine roseville photographer Fri, 30 Sep 2016 18:35:19 GMT
Shabby Apple Clothing I don't know about you, but I'm beyond ready for all things fall!  So I was excited about collaborating with Shabby Apple ( for the release of their new fall clothing!  I couldn't resist this Hazel Long Sleeve Maxi Dress.  I love the comfy, long sleeve, fitted but yet airy maxi dress feel.  I also like that it can be dressed up or down with accessories.  

The simple tie back adds just the right touch. I'm often a mom on-the-go, so it's nice to have a practical dress I can feel confident in and still be able to comfortably move around in while taking care of my two girls.

This will definitely be one of my go-to dresses this fall when I'm looking for both style and comfort!  I can't wait to wear it with a pair of boots and a jacket and/or a scarf as the weather cools off!  You will definitely want to check out to find your new favorites! (@shabbyapple on Instagram)

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography fall fashion fashion love maxi dress shabby apple shabby apple clothing women's fashion Wed, 07 Sep 2016 20:34:21 GMT
Chris & Stacy - Maternity Session Congratulations to Chris and Stacy on the soon to be arrival of their baby girl!!  They were such a sweet, fun couple to work with!  I also loved the location we chose, down at the American River in Folsom.  I was even able to convince this beautiful mama to do a few pics in the water at the end!  She was such a trooper and made walking through rocks in the water look effortless ;)  Here's some of my favorites from the shoot:

Can I just point out the obvious of how breathtaking she is?!  Pregnancy definitely suits her!  Congratulations Chris and Stacy!  Your baby girl is bound to be gorgeous!

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography baby baby girl beautiful daughter folsom it's a girl love maternity shoot mother scenery Tue, 06 Sep 2016 16:58:31 GMT
Tea Party Fun! What little girl doesn't want to have a tea party?  Ava (my 4 year old) started painting this tea set and couldn't wait to have a tea party with her baby sister, Aura. So of course we had to turn the occasion into a photo shoot!  It was so adorable.  Aura always wants to be involved in everything Ava does, so she was thrilled to be given her own tea cup!  She is by far the loudest tea party guest I have ever heard ;)  She kept banging her cup on her plate…and trying to eat them. Haha!   I let Ava put a little bit of water in her tea cup, so she was extra happy, pretending it was tea.    Seven months old…and such a little lady already!  Ava said she is going to teach Aura how to properly hold a tea cup :)  It sure looks like Aura was dishing out some juicy gossip to Ava here!  Lol  Ava thought it was hilarious how Aura wouldn't keep her cup on the table…and that she just wanted to make noise with it instead.  Aura thought it was funny getting that reaction from her big sister.  Such happy, priceless moments of my girls! After running back and forth, putting the cup back on the table, I was finally able to catch this split second before she quickly put it back on her lap! Ha! Ava wanted to be sure I got a photo of her in her beautiful tea party outfit!

I had so much fun styling this shoot!  Both of these gorgeous dresses and couture headbands were provided by (@lovelittlelush on Instagram).  They were perfect for this fun, vintage inspired tea party!

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography baby beautiful children's photography folsom love scenery sisters tea party tea party photo shoot vintage dresses Mon, 15 Aug 2016 00:41:25 GMT
Leo Turns One! I can't believe it has been almost a year since I did my nephew Leo's newborn photos!  He has grown into such a sweet, happy little guy, with such a cute and fun personality.  I'm one proud Auntie!  He started walking a couple months ago, needles to say, he wanted to run all over at his birthday shoot!  He was thrilled to carry around his bunch of birthday balloons and was even more excited once he laid eyes on his delicious birthday cake.  He couldn't wait to dig into it, but once he touched the frosting, he didn't know what to think.  He started trying to wipe it off his hands, it was so funny and adorable to watch!  But once he got a taste of how yummy the frosting was, it was a whole new game of excitement for him.  It didn't take long for him to start eating it.  He even ended the cake smash with cheering and clapping!  It was so much fun to document!!  Happy birthday Leo!  I look forward to taking more photos of you as you continue to grow! :)

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography birthday boy cake smash child photography cute first birthday folsom photographer love one is fun roseville photographer Sat, 23 Jul 2016 16:00:00 GMT
Puppy Love Raider and Raiderette are so adorable!  They are full of energy and oh so sweet!  Their "Mom" had the cutest little outfits for them, it was too funny to see these two running around.  I'm happy I was able to capture these babies while they are still small, since they grow up so quickly.  Not to mention, I was able to get my puppy fix!

Pretty girl! Yes, Raider's shirt most certainly says "Security."   This shirt says "Size Isn't Everything."  Raider was clearly showing this is the case ;)

So sweet! Raiderette is looking fabulous in her new bathing suit! Lol Raider makes for one tough shark!  Raiderette better watch out! ;) These two are seriously too cute!  I can't help but giggle at these :) Such a little gentleman! I hope you enjoyed these cute, fun photos as much as I did!  Special thanks to their Mama for helping me get them to pose! 

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography baby baby boy baby girl baby photography dress up folsom folsom photographer love pet photography puppies roseville photographer sacramento photographer scenery Fri, 01 Jul 2016 00:23:43 GMT
Easton Wedding Congratulations to this beautiful couple on the union of their marriage!  It's simple to see these two were meant for each other.  Shawn and Christina's love story started four years ago when they met at work.  Their love for one another truly radiates when they are together.  Seeing the joy and glow of happiness they bring to each others lives is truly heart warming.  It was such an honor for me to experience this day with them and document these priceless memories that will last a lifetime.  Their wedding day was not only so much fun to be a part of, it was breathtaking.  They chose such a fabulous venue, at the gorgeous Arden Hills Country Club in Sacramento (  Not a detail in their day was missed; from the custom bridesmaids robes, name hangers, wine bottles and glasses (not to mention the comfy custom name flip flops to change into for the reception).  The entire day was like a fairytale.  The bride's best friend, Shawna, should start thinking of pursuing the wedding planning field, because she did such an outstanding job! ;)

Normally a wedding day hardly ever goes exactly as its planned, but I have to say that this wedding day flowed perfectly.  Christina and her bridesmaid's had such a fun "girls day" for the first part of the afternoon.  They laughed and danced around the themed, stylish villa they rented with 90's pop music playing while they took turns getting their hair and makeup done.  Of course some of that time was spent sipping out of their matching 'Eat Drink and be Married' wine glasses. (Bridesmaid's hair by Stephanie Kibbey, Brides's hair by Sarah Wagner, makeup by Marissa Sterrett

Custom hangers from    Can we please just talk about these to die for Tiffany rings for one second?! ;) 

Once Christina was in her wedding gown, it definitely worked up some happy tears with the ladies!  Seeing how gorgeous she looked, all I could think about was how I couldn't wait to steal her away for some bridal portraits!  I'm so happy Shawn and Christina decided on doing a first look. I loved capturing the intimate moments of Shawn seeing how beautiful Christina looked in her wedding gown before they said "I do." The emotions were so raw and full of love.  It really allowed them to completely enjoy this exciting time together before saying their vows in front of all their friends and family.


The ceremony was extremely graceful and elegant. Witnessing Christina's father give her away tugged on some heart strings for everyone.  It is obvious how much he loves her, and how much he enjoys Shawn in his family. This was such a special moment for everyone to watch! 

  The ceremony ended with an uproar of applause and everybody was eager to head to the reception to celebrate the happy, newly married couple!

A congratulatory toast to the groom! Etsy is such an awesome website to find handmade decorations that really bring the details over the top and pull everything together!  Festive table numbers by, 'Mr & Mrs' sign by

Stunning cake by Cake topper from

The reception was such a fun way to end the day!  Everyone enjoyed the delicious food, activities and awesome music (by Doug and Dara from which had all the guests happy and dancing the night away!  There couldn't have been a better ending to the start of a lifetime full of happiness for Shawn and Christina, they truly deserve it!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!

To see more photos from this beautiful day, please check out the 'Easton Wedding' under 'galleries' on my home page.  Thanks for visiting!

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography arden hills arden hills country club beautiful folsom love sacramento wedding photographer sacramento weddings wedding ceremony wedding photography wedding reception Tue, 07 Jun 2016 06:11:03 GMT
Baby Aura's Newborn Shoot A little late in posting, but I'd like to introduce our newest baby girl, Aura Lyn. I love doing newborn shoots, and I'm so happy I was able to capture these priceless moments for my family! Seeing my two girls together is so heartwarming! Here's some of my favorite's: 

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Folsom photographer Roseville photographer Sacramento Sacramento photography baby baby girl beautiful family photography love newborn photographer newborn photography Thu, 03 Mar 2016 11:43:52 GMT
Baies R' Us Great Trade-In Event Be sure to take advantage of The Great Trade-In Event at Babies R' Us this month! Trade in old items for 25% off any piece of furniture or gear. You can't go wrong with Babies R' Us since they are a trusted advisor with safety! Click the link for details.

Pictured is the Bob revolution stroller with carseat attachment. 

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) babies r us bob infant car seat stroller the great trade in event Sat, 13 Feb 2016 18:36:54 GMT
Babies R' Us Registry Link Looking for the perfect baby registry items? Babies R' Us has practically everything you need, so it's the perfect place for all moms-to-be to register!

Pictured is the Boppy Pillow, one of the many items you can find at Babies R' Us. It makes nursing so much easier and makes an awesome infant lounger. It's even comfy for simply supporting baby on. My little Ava loves holding her baby sister on it! :)

Registrants also earn up to 10% back on purchases made from their registries (no limit!). Start your Babies R' Us registry today!

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) BRUgetsMe Babies r us baby girl baby registry love newborn sisters sponsored Thu, 14 Jan 2016 20:52:19 GMT
Family Session in Old Sacramento I enjoyed doing this family session in Old Sacramento because there are so many great photo background options! This beautiful family is so much fun to photograph (with the help of my husband, getting the shots I have trouble with at this point in my pregnancy lol). They are such a joy to be around and their baby girl is beyond adorable!  She smiled almost the whole session and has the cutest little personality! She sure loves her big sisters! Having this family as my last client shoot before I have my baby girl at the end of this month, was a great way to start my maternity leave. Here are some of my favorites:


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography beautiful child photography family photography love old Sacramento Sat, 12 Dec 2015 01:44:13 GMT
Christina & Shawn: Engagement Session My husband and I had the honor of photographing Christina and Shawn's engagement shoot. They have an obvious love and connection for one another that shines right through in their photos. They were so much fun to work with! A big congratulations to them, they are tying the knot on April 1st, 2016 (and no it's not an april fools joke ;) haha). We are thrilled for the wedding and are looking forward to photographing their big day! We recently toured their wedding venue together (at Arden Hills Country Club in Sacramento, Ca.) and it is going to be gorgeous! Here's a couple of my favorites from their session: 


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) , romance, romantic, scenery Sacramento Sacramento photography ashley lyn photography beautiful couple couples photography, engaged engagement folsom folsom photographer love Wed, 25 Nov 2015 19:40:24 GMT
Fall Family Session My husband and I sure enjoyed capturing fall photos of this adorable little family! It sure is nice having him as my second shooter, because being 7 months pregnant doesn't exactly make photo shoots as easy for me these days since I can't get in all the shooting positions I'd normally be able to with my big belly in the way! Haha. This family was so much fun to work with, and cute little Naomi sure loved when I fake sneezed in order to make her laugh! I apologized to her beautiful mama if she went around fake sneezing for the next week or so since she started copying me haha ;) 

I love the beautiful colors of fall leaves, so I was thrilled when they wanted to do a fall themed shoot. They came dressed to impress in some perfect fall color shades! I'm so happy we were able to capture some special memories for this sweet family. Knowing how much they loved them was the best part! Here's a few of my favorites from the shoot:


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Folsom Photography Roseville Photography Sacramento Sacramento photography baby beautiful child photography daughter family folsom landscape love mother scenery Sat, 07 Nov 2015 09:52:24 GMT
Pink Blush Maternity I know of so many mommies that are currently expecting, so this fun collaboration photo shoot I did with Pink Blush Maternity ( couldn't have come at a better time! It can be a struggle to find cute maternity clothes (especially at decent prices) that are still flattering and make us pregnant mama's feel confident while walking around with a big baby bump! Pink Blush Maternity not only has what seems like an endless variety of maternity clothes for every body type, but they also carry cute shoes and accessories! For this photo shoot, I chose a few of my favorite items from their site. The first outfit I chose was their 'Royal Blue Crochet Sleeve Maternity Top,' paired with their 'Navy Zip Ankle Maternity Skinny Jeans.'

I like how the ankle zip jeans can be worn dressy casual, or you can go for a more comfy look with boots for the cooler weather. Here's a more detailed look:

 I love the color pop of this royal blue top (they have multiple shades available). Can I just say how cute the crochet sleeves are? The detail is fabulous!

This is definitely a fun outfit for a date night, or for dinner out with the girls before the little bundle arrives!

The second outfit I chose was this stunning 'Teal Belted 3/4 Sleeve Maternity/Nursing Maxi Dress.' It can be worn casual with sandals, or you can dress it up with some heels and accessories! This is one of my favorite dresses because it's so comfortable. My favorite feature is the built in nursing top so I can still get use out of it once my baby girl arrives! :)

The little black belt adds just the right touch!

Get these looks and many more from


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento photography cute maternity clothes cute maternity dress folsom landscape maternity clothes maternity clothing maternity dresses maternity jeans maternity maxi dress maternity shirt pink blush maternity Mon, 26 Oct 2015 07:16:31 GMT
Family Shoot I had such a blast capturing this fun, loving family! Their two daughters are obviously adorable and have the cutest little personalities! I always love when I get to act goofy to get the little ones to look at me and smile! ;) They were celebrating the recent purchase of their new dream house, so we did their photos right out front!  The house is gorgeous!  I even got lucky enough to get a full tour afterwards! Congrats guys!             

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Folsom photographer Roseville photographer Sacramento Sacramento photography beautiful celebration child photography family photography love new house sacramento children's photography sacramento photographer sisters Mon, 19 Oct 2015 21:15:00 GMT
Newborn- Baby Leo Baby Leo (9 days young) definitely melted my heart while doing his newborn photos! Despite the hours and lots of patience newborn shoots take (since each pose goes depending on baby's mood & when they decide to get comfy for you) they are one of my favorite sessions to do! I love their little sweetness and getting them comfortable to fall asleep in between poses. Plus, getting to hold them is a major plus! ;) Baby Leo was so precious for the camera and I look forward to doing more photos of this handsome little man future! Congrats to his proud Mom & Dad!  They make such a gorgeous family! 

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) 9 days old Folsom Roseville Sacramento Sacramento photography baby beautiful family love newborn Fri, 02 Oct 2015 19:26:34 GMT
Gender Reveal My family & I had so much fun doing our gender reveal photos for baby #2! My husband is also my second camera man, so he came in handy for my alone shot! :) We had to use our tripod for the family shots, so I had no idea my little Ava posed so cute for the camera until I saw the photo! Haha. Easy to tell how excited she is to be a big sister? She's ecstatic & was even more so when we found out it's a baby girl! I'm due December 30th, so it will be fun to see when baby decides to join us! :) 

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography baby baby #2 beautiful big sister daddy daughter family folsom gender reveal it's a girl little sister love mother pink Fri, 18 Sep 2015 07:58:03 GMT
Maternity Shoot Capturing this gorgeous expecting couple was so much fun! It was so sweet they wanted to include their fur-child pup! He did especially great when he got to lay down and relax for the camera ;) I loved getting to change scenery and outfits for this shoot to create two different looks.  It's no doubt that this little boy is going to be one lucky and handsome little guy! 

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography baby beautiful boy folsom landscape love maternity park scenery Mon, 14 Sep 2015 21:45:00 GMT
First Birthday The adorable Miss Addy couldn't have been more excited to turn the big "One!" What could be better than getting to dig into 13 cupcakes at once? She has the cutest little personality and I was so excited to be able to capture her sweetness again since I last saw her when I had the pleasure of doing her newborn photos.  She was so well tempered and made my job fun and enjoyable! A true little princess! 

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography baby beautiful birthday cupcakes first folsom love one scenery Sun, 13 Sep 2015 20:30:00 GMT
Family Maternity Shoot Doing this beautiful family's maternity shoot was such an honor! Mom, Dad and big sister, Nora, couldn't have been happier to welcome their new addition, a baby girl! I always love capturing moments of pure joy and excitement! Documenting these special memories for them was truly amazing and put a big smile my face knowing they enjoyed their finished photos! 

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography baby baby girl beautiful big sister daughter folsom love mother scenery Sat, 12 Sep 2015 21:15:00 GMT
Mother and Daughter Shoot This mother and daughter duo was such a joy to work with! They made it so much fun and were easily up for my ideas, even when we hiked down by a bridge for a shot I just had to get ;) Seeing the wonderful relationship they have was so admiring! I can't wait until the next time I get to photograph these beauties!  

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography daughter folsom friends love mother natomas Fri, 11 Sep 2015 06:58:16 GMT
Brand Rep Photography I decided to venture out and team up with some fabulous brands to photograph for! This first shoot is featuring "M's Creative Design's."  This adorable headband is perfect for wanting to get any little girl all dolled up! They make so many fabulous handmade items!  You must go check them out! Like them on Facebook at "M's Creative Design's" and follow them on instagram @mscreativedesigns.


The next shoot was for "Sophie's Splendid Shop." They have so many adorable items! Photographed below is one of their adorable knot bows and gold infinity scarf. You must go check them out! You can find them on facebook, instagram @sophiessplendidshop, as well as on etsty at



Please stay tuned with my blog for more shops to come! Thanks for viewing! :)


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento photography brand rep child photography sacrramento Photographer Sat, 19 Jul 2014 20:44:58 GMT
Senior Pictures Congratulations to this handsome guy on his high school graduation! He was so polite and fun to work with!  Not only did the camera love him, but he is such a smart young man who is definitely going to have a promising future! I feel so honored I was able to capture his senior photos! :)


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento photography class of 2014 graduation high school graduation sacramento photographer senior senior pictures Thu, 03 Jul 2014 18:22:16 GMT
Graduation Shoot First, I want to say congratulations to this beautiful young lady for graduating UC Davis! I enjoyed doing this shoot so much! Not only did I get to meet such a sweet and beautiful girl, I was also able to go back to my old turf where I also went to college! :) UCD has such a beautiful campus, with so many wonderful places to take photos! It was difficult narrowing down where we took photos, so we picked a variety of spots! This was so much fun! Thanks Mireya! :)


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Davis Sacramento Sacramento photography UC Davis beautiful colledge graduation Thu, 03 Jul 2014 18:06:20 GMT
2nd Birthday Fun! Planning and styling this 2-part second birthday shoot was so muchg fun! As most toddlers don't like to sit in one place for long, little Ava is no different. She had me running all over the park to get the outdoor photos! Not to mention how silly I looked, singing songs from her favorite movie, Frozen, to get her to look at the camera and smile! ;) Of course the second part of the shoot was her favorite because cupcakes were involved! :) I enjoyed seeing her have so much fun!


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) 2nd Sacramento photography birthday birthday" child photographer child photography cupcakes fun love second birthday toddler Fri, 13 Jun 2014 20:23:41 GMT
Prom Photographing these three beautiful couples before their senior prom was so much fun! They all looked so glamourous! It was such a joy seeing them all looking forward to their big night! I was even lucky enough to get a couple great action shots! So grateful I was able to capture these memories that will last them forever. Best of luck to them all in their bright futures! Congratulation guys! :)

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento photography beautiful couples flowers fun glamorous love prom prom 2014 prom dress senior prom seniors tuxedo Sun, 01 Jun 2014 02:50:27 GMT
Four Generations When my Grandmother came into town from Idaho, I knew I had to capture a few four generation pictures! I set up my tripod and was lucky enough to get some great shots! Having this fun picture with my grandma, mom, myself and my daughter is something we will always be able to cherish! What I love most about this photo is we were all laughing as I was tossing my little Ava in the air. She was bursting with giggles! Definitely a sweet moment we will never forget! :)

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Four Generations Sacramento Sacramento photography baby grandma great grandma mom Tue, 27 May 2014 03:43:02 GMT
Country Girl & Train Tracks It was so much fun being able to do a 2-part shoot with the beautiful Miss Kailey. I absolutely loved doing the country girl theme. I will do just about anything to get the perfect shots, so climbing through the waist high weeds and kneeling in dirt was all worth it! ;) The second part of the shoot at the train tracks was another fun adventure to say the least. We were even lucky enough to get the train going by! As soon as we saw the train in the distance, I was immediately excited! We obviously rushed off the tracks, set the suitcases down and I ran into the bushes since it was where I could get the best angles. My first thought was that the train's engineer would see Kailey standing alone with her suit cases, all glamourous, looking as though she was going to catch the train. It's funny because we definitely weren't at a train station. We had to walk a short distance to the spot we wanted, that also had no people around. We couldn't help but laugh! It made this shoot even that much more fun! :) I always love the different memories each shoot brings. We had such a great time! Thank you Kailey!


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography beautiful girl country country girl country girl photoshoot cowboy boots dress glamorous heels train tracks Thu, 08 May 2014 04:18:24 GMT
Newborn session of Miss Addyson Rose I feel so honored I was able to capture little Miss Addy's newborn pictures. I absolutly LOVED doing this shoot! I get an undescribeable joy in knowing I was able to bring happiness to a family from a set of pictures that will forever be cherished. Especially with newborn photos, since newborns grow out of this stage with the blink of an eye. I had so much fun planning out my visions, then bringing them to life in these shots. Addy was such a good baby, she already has such a precious personality at only 7 days old. One of the best perks of photographing her, was getting to hold her! Once we wrapped up the shoot and my car was all packed up to leave, I couldn't help but ask to hold her for a few more minutes to say goodbye to this perfect little angel. I also couldn't have asked for a more friendly and welcoming family. They made this experience that much more enjoyable for me. Baby Addyson truly did melt my heart and made this a day I will always cherish. I sure hope I am lucky enough to be able to photograph her again one day!

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) 7 days old Sacramento Sacramento photography angel baby baby girl beautiful love newborn newborn baby precious Mon, 21 Apr 2014 23:33:18 GMT
Adult Portrait Session This was such a beautiful evening to capture the gorgeous Amelia! The camera loved her! We had so much fun doing this shoot! All of these photos were captured through us conversating and having some fun "girl time," while stomping through this field of flowers! These action shots truly embrace the still moments of her beauty and fun personality!


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography adult portraits beautiful blog field of flowers landscape scenery spring pictures Sun, 13 Apr 2014 19:16:38 GMT
Easter Shoot When I think of spring, I think of flowers... So for this easter shoot, what better place would there be to take them in than a beautiful field of flowers? I had so much fun chasing my little Ava around as she explored and picked as many flowers as she could! She had such a great time petting her bunny, giving her baby chick kisses, and gathering easter eggs for her little basket! So adorable!

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography asorable bunny easter easter pictures field of flowers first birthday pictures flowers precious Thu, 03 Apr 2014 02:10:28 GMT
Birthday Boy Fun! I had so much fun planning for Mr. Wyatt's first birthday shoot! This handsome little man was such a joy to photograph! He is a fun, easy going and loveable little guy.  Not to mention his obviously adorable looks! I couldn't help but fall for his cuteness! I love how his little personality comes accross in all his photos. He is such a happy guy! I can't help but smile while going through these captures. I was even lucky enough to witness him eating his first cake ever! He wasn't too sure what to think of it at first, but within seconds he didn't hesitate on digging in! This entire session was priceless, but what I adore most of all, was that I was able to capture these special memories for Wyatt and his family. Now they can look back on them and smile. Such a cutie! :)


[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography William Land Park birthday boy first birthday pictures landscape one scenery Fri, 21 Mar 2014 00:33:30 GMT
Exploring Sacramento's William Land Park William Land Park is such a beautiful location in Sacramento. From the exquisite rock garden, open grass, ponds and garden pathways, it's the perfect place to explore or just relax and have a picnic. As a photographer at heart, I can't help but chase my toddler around and snap photos. Capturing her excitement from the ducks to the flowers, so that I can forever keep them as memories. Exploring a place such as this through a childs eyes makes it so much more exciting if I do say so myself! :)

[email protected] (Ashley Lyn Photography) Sacramento Sacramento photography William Land Park landscape scenery Sun, 16 Mar 2014 04:16:06 GMT